Phone scam reported by residents

By Anthony Conchel - The Sentinel

MOUNT GILEAD — A phone scam that’s disguised as local businesses, residential and village office phone numbers has made its way back to the area.

Residents have reported receiving phone calls that appear to be from legitimate callers, but are not. The problem has re-surfaced this week.

Village Police Chief Brian Zerman said this is not a new scam.

“We’ve had a few calls on this type of thing the last several months.”

His advice is simple.

“Don’t send money to people you don’t know,” Zerman said Wednesday.

The callers will say that you hit their vehicle and they want you to send them money for repairs.

“They’re basically trying to get money out of you,” he said.

Zerman said he’s gotten a few calls on it recently.

“They route them through different routers and some are not even in this country. So there’s no way for us to track them.”

He advises hanging up on them and not providing any information.

“Use common sense,” he added.

By Anthony Conchel

The Sentinel