842 County Road 170, Bennington Township, Steve and Deborah Lewis to Nathan Lewis , $124,000.

4690 County Road 21, Bennington Township, John and Michele Bayko to Larry and Martrese Geiger, $110,000.

95 County Road 26, Bennington Township, Delbert Wayne Foos to Timothy W. and Tracy L. Parsley, $66,600.

County Road 15, Bennington Township, James and Mary Ann White to Matthew Scott and Kristin Marie Erenpreiss, $161,700.

North County Road 21, Bennington Township, Frederick H. and Eleanor L. Weiss, trustees to Jason Pauley, $45,000.

2134 Township Road 136, Cardington Township, Willard D. Smith Jr. to Nicholas Brent MacDonald, $140,500.

4780 Township Road 132, Cardington Township, Steven R. and Penelope J.Fox to Ryan T. Beveridge, $145,000.

224 E. Main St., Cardington, Sherry Clark to Travis J. and Tabitha T. White, $149,200.

426 Center St., Cardington, Castlerock 2017 LLC to Robert and Crystal Hinkle, $9,900.

122, 123, 124 Lots, Congress Township, Robert E.and Roseanna Hosack to Rex A. and Cheryl A. Cramer, $458,200.

226 Lot, Congress Township, Charles E. and Diana A. Penry to Richard and Connie L. Sigler, $4,000.

20 Lot, Congress Township, Mauria L. Roy-Rader to Chris and Rana Rascoe, $2,125.

5815 Township Road 14, Franklin Township, Jody Owens to Menno A. and Lydia W. Troyer et al, $83,000.

346 Douglas St., Mount Gilead, Spencer and Holly Schade to Laura A. Davisson, $115,000.

2707 County Road 26, Harmony Township, Dirkin A. and Diana L. Detillion to Adam M. and Dareth N. Gilmore, $245,000.

2760 County Road 169, Lincoln Township, Lynn Nutter to Gary L. and Cheryl A. Williams, $246,500.

3147 County Road 25, Lincoln Township, Shirley A. Mangus et al to Corey and Cynthia Johnson, $245,000.

100 Center St., Fulton, Delbristol Property Investments LLC to Christerra D. Hinkle, $112,250.

9351 County Road 38, North Bloomfield Township, William H. Rachel Sr. to Emily and John Mooney, $48,000.

9327 County Road 38, North Bloomfield Township, Daren J. and Brenda K. Howe to Leigh Ann Landrine, $184,900.

5895 County Road 50, Perry Township, Clint and Christina Furniss to Robert R. Griffith, $129,000.

County Road 218, Peru Township, Samuel T. Miller and Taylor N. Siegman to Lora R. and Lisbeth M. Covrett, $7,350.

County Road 21, South Bloomfield Township, Ragor family to Ernest O. and Edna A. Petersheim, $1,050,000.

6424 Township Road 199, South Bloomfield Township, Margaret W. Fenton to Margaret W. Fenton and Paul M. Furbee, $120,000.

7195 Counry Road 21, South Bloomfield Township, Kurt T. Cochran to Thomas Stofac and Cathy Wigton, $235,000.

6914 State Route 97, Troy Township, Scott T. and Polly A. Morgan to Big Rich Farms LLC, $327,000.

7218 County Road 57, Troy Township, Cheyenne A. Seiber and Kurtis J. Barnett to Timothy F. Ursich, $145,000.

3881 County Road 51, Washington Township, Richard E. and Kevin R. Faeth to Tracy Barnhart, $66,000.

4445 State Route 309, Washington Township, Mark A. and Peggy R. Sutton to Matthew K. and Ashley N. Hinton, $167,000.

State Route 746, Westfield Township, Wendy L. Kenney and Robert Chappell to Jason M. Cusick, $1,000.

Township Road 25, Westfield Township, Wendy L. Kenney and Robert Chappell to Mindy McGinnis, $56,000.

1285 Township Road 25, Westfield Township, Thomas Kenney to Jason M. Cusick, $234,000.