Marriages, Real Estate, Small Claims

Marriage Licenses

Ronald Herbert MacMichael, 50, Mt. Gilead, Disabled to Pamela Marie Sexton, 47, Galion, Forklift Operator.

Lori Ellen Waltermyer, 51, Marengo, Restaurant Manager to Stacy Lynn Frost, 41, Marengo, Registered Nurse.

Todd Matthew Quibell, 41, Cardington, Painter to Juanita Diane Ludwig, 32, Cardington, Social Service Worker.

Christopher Shawn Mulbay, 44, Mt. Gilead, Service Technician to Sonya Marie Shaw, 37, Mt. Gilead, law Student.

Michael Leroy Hoffman, 27, Mt. Gilead, Maintenance to Amber Lee Robinson, Mt. Gilead, Machinist.

Kenneth James Ferguson, 34, Marengo, Welder to Amanda Eshell Evans, 33, Marengo, Account Clerk.

Real Estate Transfers


Dize Bright to Kenneth Wiggerhorn; 4.404 acres on T.R. 14, Franklin Twp. for $248,300.

Edward Robson to Joni Teders; 310 Center St., Cardington, Cardington Twp. for $112,000.

Chris Arndt Trustee and Mary Jo Wilson Trustee to Donald Denton; 125.812 acres on H21-001-00-086-00, Harmony Twp. for $250,000.

Joseph Porter to Ross Porter; 4.654 acres on S.R. 229, Bennington Twp. for $138,000.


JP Morgan Chase Bank to James Lyon; C07-001-00-317-08, Cardington Twp. for $64,050.

Ginger Sindledecker to John Johnson; Lot 362, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp. for $2,500.

Ronny Cottle to Ian Short; Unit 8, Lot 242, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $167,000.

Killbuck Valley Farms to Ronald Schroeder; 74.9 acres at 5840 T.R. 49, Galion, North Bloomfield Twp. for $362,000.

Harold Richeson Trustee to Angela Pearson; Unit 2, Lot 196, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $144,700.

Joseph Singler to Wade Lewis; 8.162 acres at S.R. 288 and C.R. 40, north Bloomfield Twp. for $117,000.

Thomas Sebastian to Paul Rapp; Unit 2, Lot 228, Congress Twp. for $102,500.

Candice Smith to Leslie Gifford; 5.534 acres on T.R. 50, Troy Twp. for $100,000.

Jean Edwards to Gaige Goodman; 67 acres at 5040 T.R. 191, Marengo, Bennington Twp. for $300,000.

Phillip Postell to James Fischer; 3.95 acres on S.R. 288, Washington Twp. for $167,500.


Garnet LeClair to Phillip Postell; 3.00 acres at T.R. 89 and T.R. 80, Perry Twp. for $122,000.

Garland Webb to Larry Zinn Jr.; Unit 4, Lot 270, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $3,000.

Alex Hodgkinson to John Peecher; Lot 126, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp. for $1,000.


Ronald Auld to ATB Properties; 1.55 acres at B01-001-00-198-00; Canaan Twp. for $142,500.

Dawn Miers to Cody Deim; 3.885 acres on S.R. 229, South Bloomfield Twp. for $109,000.

Hurdle Investments to Michael Browning; 5.02 acres on C.R. 57, Troy Twp. for $15,500.

Candlewood Lake Assn. to Tim Rorris; Unit 4, Lot 345, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $1,250.

Jeffrey Bood to Lawrence Thetge; Unit 2, Lot 345, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $5,000.

William Gledhill to Tara Welch; 2.07 acres on C.R. 46, North Bloomfield Twp. for $229,900.

Small Claims

James Nelson, Mt. Gilead vs Tammy Glassford, Galenda, $2,170 money only.