Unit 97 meets for first time this season

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — Meeting for the first time in the new season, members of Jenkins-Vaughan Auxiliary Unit 97 learned from Betty Cook, unit first vice president and membership chairman, the new list of members has arrived from the state department.

She is accepting dues for the coming year.

Patty McAvoy said the school is well supplied with accessories such as pens, pencils, paper, etc.

She also volunteered to chair the Buckeye Girls State program with Shirley Robinson as her back-up. Robinson will continue to chair the scholarship program.

Clara McClenathan discussed “Make a Difference Day” and said they will work on ditty bags. She was checking to see if neck pillows are needed.

Luella Thomas will continue as flower chairman. There are openings for National Security, Americanism, etc. If any member who has articles of interest related to these committees, please bring them and share at the next meeting.

A thank you note was received from Alicia McElwee noting her appreciation for being selected to attend Buckeye Girls State.

Audrey Leonard announced her annual craft show will be held in the American Legion Hall on Oct. 14. Unit members will work in the kitchen.

It was announced the Friends of Cardington will sponsor weekly bingo games in the hall. Unit members will furnish food and workers for the kitchen.

McAvoy requested two more hats for auxiliary members to wear when marching in parades.

A memorial service was conducted by Robinson and Bonnie Garner for unit member Pam Keckler who passed away July 30.

Unit 97 will meet next on Oct. 17.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel