Senior group learns about diabetes

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — Candace Heer, an OSU Extension Educator, gave a program on diabetes when she spoke to Cardington Seniors during their Sept. 22 meeting.

Heer’s focus was on proper nutrition. She said the symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, urination and hunger with unexpected weight loss. Complications of the disease can include blindness, kidney and cardio-vascular disease.

It has become an epidemic caused by living longer, inactivity, lack of portion control and obesity.

Heer had samples of portion size for such things as meat, cheese, fruits, etc. It was noted these were all much smaller than they expected.

She concluded her presentation by preparing an example of diabetic snacks with fruit, diet yogurt and diet jelly.

Shirley Robinson, president, giving the devotions, read a story about a couple who came from India to the U. S. and as they were preparing for citizenship, the wife looked in vain to find just the right flag.

They were also disappointed when they weren’t sent to Philadelphia for the swearing in ceremony but were assigned to a small town where they seemed to not be aware of the ceremony. However, after the program, the entire town had gathered outside waving flags and welcoming them as citizens.

Linda Ruehrmund related the schedule of events scheduled for the Senior Center and said the newsletter will be out soon.

The Seniors on Center staff served the turkey dinner prior to the program and cookies were provided by Robinson and Marlene Renz

The next meeting will be held Oct. 27. Reservations or cancelations for that meeting must be made by calling the center by noon on Oct. 26.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel