Bible series begins Sunday

MOUNT GILEAD — On Sunday, Sept. 17, Pastor Jeff Deel will begin a new preaching series entitled “What the Bible Says About…” which will cover several weeks. He will address topics that people have great interest in.

“Through the years of my ministry, people have always asked me what the Bible says about this or that. I decided it was time to preach a series of messages that would address people’s questions and concerns with modern day topics in our culture. All people have their opinions and beliefs, but what does the Bible say? We will look to the Bible for our answer,” Deel said.

This series will hit difficult and sometimes controversial topics such as Homosexuality/Gay Marriage, Alcohol, Pornography, Divorce, Suicide, Debt/ Financial Management, and other topics as well.

Deel preaches at the Mount Gilead Glory Baptist Church, 600 N. Main St. in Mount Gilead.

Two Sunday morning services are available at 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. The same message will be preached in both services.