MG school board accepts bid for Edison School demolition

MOUNT GILEAD — In a special board meeting Monday night, the Mount Gilead School Board made decisions on demolishing the Edison School building and repairing a Mount Gilead High School boiler.

The board unanimously accepted the bid of Russ James Contracting of Zanesville in the amount of $195,000 for the demolition of the Edison School and three out buildings there.

Board member Ed Kimmey said he’s had many people ask about having a brick from the school. The oldest part of the school building was built in 1882 with additions in 1916 and 1932. Superintendent Jeff Thompson assured him that it would be written into the contract to have a pile of bricks set aside for the public to have safe access.

Mount Gilead District Treasurer Trevor Gummere said the bid was “the most responsible at the lowest amount.” The contractor included a 98 percent compaction rate in leveling the area of the buildings so the property can be sold and be ready for building or other use.

The board went into executive session for personnel matters and no action items were decided in that session. The next regularly scheduled Mount Gilead school board meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. at the board office 145 N. Cherry St.

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By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

This story was too late for this week’s print edition. A longer version will appear in The Sentinel’s Aug. 30 issue.