Hot Shot’s Secret Pontiac Firebird unveiled

There was some early morning excitement on the quiet roads of Morrow Meadows Drive near Chesterville, Ohio. Friday June 16 was the unveiling of the Hot Shot’s Secret Pontiac Firebird drag car, piloted by Tom Perini of Marion, Ohio.

Employees of Lubrication Specialties, Inc. looked on as the car rolled off the trailer and into the June sunlight. Even more shocked, though, as Perini hit the ignition and the nitrous-fed engine roared to life.

Perini is an official dealer of Hot Shot’s Secret High Performance Additives, but also an avid drag racer. He is excited to travel throughout the East coast and beyond, spreading the “Powered by Science” message.

Hot Shot’s Secret specializes in high performance, specially formulated additives focusing on diesel engines and fuel systems. From semi tractors and large fleets, to pickup trucks and hot shot drivers, all

the way to agriculture and manufacturing equipment, their products have solved numerous issues across many industries. Hot Shot’s Secret and its family of products provide problem-specific solutions to diesel and gasoline automobiles across the USA and around the world.

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