Money the talk of Cardington Council

Village funding allocated with approved fiduciary measures

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Financial ordinances dominated the May Cardington Village Council meeting.

Fiscal Officer Deb Fry explained each of the ordinances, one amending the Permanent Budget for 2017. “This amendment is to allow us to move the Youth Foundation money,” she said.

The Ohio Revised Code requires this money to be transferred to the General Fund and then transferred to Park Fund. She said the original budget did not handle it that way and this

ordinance will allow the funds to be available to pay the balance of the PA system in the park. This ordinance is under Revenues.

The second ordinance, amending the permanent appropriations for fiscal year ending December 31, 2017 under Expenditures handles the expense side of the transfers. Fry noted she had talked to the Fire Chief who noted an additional amount needs to be added to the Capital Improvement portion of the Fire Fund. Passage of this ordinance will allow payment of the PA

system balance.

A third ordinance authorizes the Cardington Youth Foundation balance to be transferred to the General Fund per specific ORC rules.

A fourth ordinance authorized the transfer from the General Fund to the Park Fund from where the PA system will be paid. All of these ordinances were approved.

Also approved was a policy for the utilization of cash received from the pop machine sales for the village. The resolution states that all pop money proceeds going forward and back to the beginning of 2017 will be deposited into the General Fund.

Council approved payment of bills totaling $95,298.56. That total includes payment to Bobcat Enterprises in the amount of $48,776 for the Avant Loader.

Following discussion, council recommended to Fry that the free letter program be continued in the RITA delinquency Program. She said she has learned there were 559 delinquent accounts and the village had received a 30 percent response to the collection letters. She said the last time a Mayors’ Court was held for back taxes was in August, 2011 when 90 people were called in.

Recommendation was that the letter program was better at this time than the subpoena program.

She said the audit is now complete. She noted ‘It went very well.” Village Administrator Danny Wood said the Spring Cleanup on May 13 filled seven 30- yard dumpsters in the five hour period. He told council the work continues on Auburn Hills and the retention pond has been cleaned. He will be visiting a Pellet Reactor softening plant in southern Ohio to learn

more about this relative to the upgrading of the village water system. Council will meet next on June 12 at 7 pm to consider the budget before its deadline They will then meet a week later on June 19. There will be only one meeting each in July (17) and August (21).

Village funding allocated with approved fiduciary measures

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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