Edison Council reviews fire protection contract and voices security concerns

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

Edison Village Council members reviewed the outcome of the special meeting with Mount Gilead Village Council. They agreed that the meeting went smoothly and the only question left concerns hydrant flushing for Edison.

Council members appropriated money so the 2017 fire protection is paid in advance as requested by Mount Gilead. In the future payment will be made twice a year as money from property tax is paid.

The Edison hydrants haven’t been flushed in Edison for about 10 years. Edison Council agreed it is a concern that needs to be taken care of. Even if pipes would break, as the Fire Dept. expressed concern, the flushing needs to be taken care of. Council member Patti Feustel said that several residents mentioned to her that flushing hasn’t been done and should be required.

Feustel added that there is a lot of work to be done to get the levy information out. Residents need to understand that the levy must be passed in order to have fire protection from Mount Gilead and to keep insurance rates affordable.

Mayor Sandy Ackerman will go to the Auditor’s Office and Board of Elections to get the levy on the ballot. The council discussed several ways they can get out the information about the levy.

Council member Chris Kneipp brought up safety and security concerns. The school and two homes were recently vandalized. He asked if it is possible to have more of a presence from the sheriff. He said his car was vandalized with someone putting Mountain Dew in the gas tank and it will be expensive to repair the damage.

There was general discussion that there needs to be trust among neighbors. It was suggested that the council sponsor a summer meeting or picnic at the park. The Community Garage Sale will also be a good time to have a get-together with the village residents.

The Methodist women are working towards having activities to bring the community together. They are sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter.

Feustel reported that there is a person who sent a resume for village attorney. Their qualifications and experience makes them a good possibility. Ackerman said there should also be interviews for the position.

Fiscal Officer Bruce Seaburn inquired about the school playground equipment. Regulations on playground equipment are strict and it is probably not a good idea for the village to keep the playground swings and expensive to get insurance.

Seaburn reported that the 2015/2016 audit contracted for the state is underway and it’s going well. Council approved payment of bills in March of $27,082.01 and for April of $3,736.78.

The amount to Mount Gilead for fire protection totaled $17,129.50.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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Reach us at mcsnews@civitasmedia.com