Farmers Share Breakfast served at Cardington

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Heather Goodman, president of the Morrow County Farm Bureau, was pleased with the attendance at the annual Farmers Share Breakfast at the Cardington-Lincoln High School.

Goodman, who helped prepare and serve the breakfast, said “We hope to connect with the consumers who accepted our invitation to the breakfast and provide a better understanding of the origins of the food on their plates and how every person is affected by agriculture every day.”

Concurring with Goodman was Haley Davis, organization director for five counties of the Ohio Farm Bureau. She pointed out the importance of agriculture and its work to provide food for the country’s population. “I’ve enjoyed my past three years working in Morrow County and the Farmers Share Breakfast- it’s great to see families and familiar faces and catch up with friends at this event,” she said.

The 225 persons attending dined on pancakes, eggs, sausage, orange juice, milk and coffee. Admission was $1 per person or two canned goods.

All of the canned goods were donated to the Jobs and Family Services Food Pantry. A separate donation was made from the diners to the farmers in

the Mid-West who have lost property due to range fires.

Helping to serve the meal were Morrow County officials: Tom Whiston and Warren Davis commissioners; Kim Bood, Clerk of Courts; Pat Davies, auditor; Dixie Shinaberry, recorder; Rob Hickson, judge; Don Wick, attorney; Jenifer Burnaugh, attorney; Charles Howland, prosecuting attorney and John Linder, president of the Corn and Wheat Association.

Also helping were members of the Farm Bureau Board: Leila Bucher,

vice president; Erica Murray, secretary; Don Bloom, treasurer; and board

members Joanna Gall, Katie Post, Larry Ulrey and others.

Cooking the sausage as he has in the past was Matt Carwell. The Hord

family donated the sausage; the Meimer family, the Pleiades Maple

Products; Shaw Creek/Linder Brothers, the propane; and Hords of Bucyrus

donated the sausage.

Helping to set up and serve were members of the Happy Haymakers and

Hemstitchers 4-H Club.

Among those with demonstrations were the Morrow County Cattlemen’s

Association; the Morrow County Dairy Association; the Morrow Couinty

Lamb Association; the Mount Gilead State Park, the Morrow County Wildlife

Officer; HOEC; Morrow County Soil and Water Conservation District; the Morrow County Extension Office and FSA.

Goodman extended special thanks to the Cardington-Lincoln School

kitchen staff. “They were especially helpful.” On behalf of the Farm

Bureau, she thanked the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education and

School for the use of their facilities.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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