Howland announces candidacy for Morrow County Municipal Court Judge

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Charles Howland

Courtesy photo Charles Howland

Charles S. Howland has announced his candidacy for the position of Morrow County Municipal Court Judge. The term for this position will start in 2018, with voting taking place in the fall. Howland now serves the county as Morrow County Prosecuting Attorney.

Howland has extensive experience in the Morrow County Municipal Court commencing with his first assignment as an assistant prosecutor under the late Virgil Guiher. Howland has presented numerous jury trials in the Morrow County Municipal Court, in addition to the more than one hundred jury trials he has presented in the Morrow County Court of Common Pleas.

Howland has served as the Morrow County Prosecuting Attorney since 2003. Previously he worked as an assistant prosecutor and maintained a private practice in Morrow County for eighteen years.

As assistant prosecutor, in addition to working in the Morrow County Municipal Court, Howland presented child abuse and neglect cases from 1985 through 1996. He won four contested permanent custody cases.

Howland served as solicitor for the Village of Mount Gilead from 1987 until becoming the Prosecuting Attorney in 2003. Howland also had the honor of serving as solicitor for the Village of Chesterville from 1995 through 2003.

In his private practice, Howland has represented clients in Social Security cases, insurance litigation, construction litigation, and consumer protection cases. In the spring of 2003, he won a substantial jury verdict in a consumer protection action that was tried in the Morrow County Court of Common Pleas. Howland’s private practice also included handling divorce and dissolution cases in the domestic relations division of the Common Pleas Court.

Howland has represented government and private clients in the Fifth District Court of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court.

As Morrow County Prosecuting Attorney, in addition to criminal matters, Howland currently provides legal guidance to the Morrow County Commissioners, the Morrow County Court of Common Pleas, all of the township trustee boards, and all county officials.

Howland is a graduate of Mount Union University with a degree in History. He earned a Master’s Degree at Case Western Reserve University and received his law degree from Capital University.

Howland has been privileged to raise his children, Max and Rachel, in Morrow County. He and his wife Hollis have been married for forty years. Howland is an elder in the First Presbyterian Church of Mount Gilead and is a past president of the Morrow County Bar Association.

“The people of Morrow County must be able to rely on the courts for fair and just adjudications,” stated Howland. “Fairness to all parties is the proper goal of the Courts. My thirty-three years of experience in the Courts of Morrow County, and other Courts in this state, have provided me with the maturity to make fair and just decisions for all issues that should come before the Court. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve Morrow County as its Municipal Court Judge.”

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Charles Howland

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