Cardington’s Seniors get Civil War presentation

Bill Griffin shared his knowledge of the Civil War when he spoke to Cardington’s Seniors during their monthly luncheon meeting January 27 at the Seniors on Center.

Griffin pursued his interest in antiques after retiring from teaching. He said many Civil War soldiers had cards with their photos on them that they gave to each other. He talked of the first submarine in the Civil War being

The Huntley, that belonged to the Confederates. They were able to sink a

Union ship before it, too, sank. In recent years, the ship was found, raised

and is now on display in Charleston Harbor.

A large Civil War show will be held in Mansfield May 6-7. The exhibitors

have a vast and in depth knowledge of the Civil War.

Griffin was introduced by Carolyn Poorman, program chairman.

Pastor Paul Turner gave devotions based on Romans 2. He said that

winter is a time of loss and is made worse by the cold bleak weather.

He noted that our hope comes from God’s love and that we should care for

each other.

A reading on Friendship was read by Shirley Robinson, president, and

was dedicated to Ethyl Sims, the group’s historian, who died earlier

in January.

Linda Ruehrmund gave updates from the Seniors on Center and noted

there is a $3 voucher available for use for a constant breakfast menu

at Morrow County Hospital. The Center will have bingo and a meal on

Wednesdays. The Center also has a Hot Shot Truck for delivery of two

meals on wheels routes each day. A paid employee has this route. The

truck has hot and cold compartments.

The group enjoyed a meal of chicken strips and fries. Shirley Robinson

brought three kinds of cookies for dessert.

The seniors will meet next on Friday, February 24, with the meal served

at 11:45 am. All seniors are invited. Reservations/cancellations for the

next meeting must be made by noon on February 23. Cookies will be

provided by Linda Ruehrmund and Marlene Renz. The Center can be

reached at 419-946-4191.