Area author to hold book signing at Cardington Library

Cardington, OH – While many in the West worried about nuclear war from the former U.S.S.R. the real war to destroy America was under way right under the noses of America’s citizens and most of them had no idea it was being fought. This is the theme of “The Truth About Socialist Utopia” by local author Dick Algire. The book is a well written easy to understand explanation of the process to indoctrinate people into believing that capitalism is bad and socialism is good.

Meet the author at a book signing hosted by the Cardington-Lincoln Public Library on Saturday, February 11 from noon until 2 p.m. The library is located at 128 E. Main Street, Cardington, OH 43315. Books will be available for purchase at the signing.

While in the library, pick up a bundle of discarded books for just $1. We are bundling up in February to raise the remaining funds needed to replace an old furnace. We also invite you to join our campaign to “warm the library with a new furnace” by making a tax deductible donation at

For more details about the book signing or the campaign to warm the library call 419-864-8181 Monday through Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. and Saturday 10:30 am – 2 p.m.