Petrie gave Board of Education first month updates

By Evelnyn Long - The Sentinel

Meeting for the first time in the new year, the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education heard Supt Brian Petrie address several issues.

This meeting, on January 9, 2017, followed the annual organization meeting.

Petrie addressed the anonymous donation of $250 to the cafeteria fund for the purpose of reducing lunch charges. Petrie said, based on a state rule,

no teacher should accept any personal gift nor gifts to the school totaling

$75 or more. Such gifts should be reported to the school so they can be brought to the board for approval The board approved this anonymous gift.

Petrie, who had attended the meeting of the Tomorrow Center earlier in

the day, said there are now 124 students attending the school. He said there

are 23 sending districts this year compared to 15 last year. Other schools

and the students they are sending include Galion 14; Highland, 13; Marion

City, 15; Mt. Gilead, Northmor, eight; River Valley, five and Crestline, five. He said the surrounding districts are transporting their students.

Petrie said the school is starting to thrive. There is some talk about capping

some grade levels. He noted they want to keep the student level between

120 and 130. Petrie noted he had submitted his sponsor improvement plan

last month and there are indications “they are going to ask for some changes

which he will resubmit February 6.”

Board member Marilyn Davis asked about the number of staff members

at the Tomorrow Center. Petrie said he will bring that to the February meeting.

He noted there had been a school climate survey conducted asking if

the school is clean and well maintained and the responses from the

students were favorable.

Petrie distributed a paper showing the 21 year history of the ADM

(average daily membership).

Discussing the enrollment in the public school he said the funding

is determined by the number of students who live in the district who have

the opportunity to come here. He pointed out the trend over the last 20

years went up in the mid-2000’s and then declined, hovering about the 1100

range. “This has a lot to do with funding,” he said. Our highest number of

students was in 2006-2007. He did note that in 2001-2002 when the building projects were done. “We were projected to have 1,639 students by 2014- that’s why we got the facilities and space.” He further noted that space is being filled by the Tomorrow Center, Head Start and the Local Digital Academy. “We do have room to grow but the trend in Northmor, Mt Gilead and Cardington the ADM’s are declining.”

Petrie addressed the ratio of teachers and students, noting some grade

levels are in the 60’s and others tin the 90’s – “and that creates some

staffing strain as far as the teacher student ratio.” He is planning a

discussion on this with the administrative team.

Referencing the number of students in grades 7-12 he said “if you reduce

the staff you have to reduce the number of courses that are offered.”

“It’s important that the public understands- it’s a serious discussion what

level of support we have for the student teacher ratio.”

District Treasurer Jon Mason, summarizing the district finances, said

“it’s still tight- we’ve made some progress in some areas but in some areas

we’ve gone backwards.” He noted that in January health insurance costs will

be more. The board approved his report.

In response to Petrie’s question, Mason said Permanent Improvement funds

are those that cover items that last five years or more or improvements to

buildings, equipment and furnishings

The board approved the resignation of Jerry Williams physical fitness

director, effective January 3, 2017.

Petrie asked the board to continue to review the list of proposed policies

with special attention to “Crowd funding.”

The board approved revised policies regarding the duties of the treasurer

and the duties of the superintendent

Also approved was the purchase service contract with Erate 911, a consulting agreement for the 2017-2018 funding year beginning January 6, 2017

Given approval for overnight/state trips were the band, advised by John Brehm for its trip to Orlando, Florida March 16-March 20; FFA to Dublin

Ohio, Erin Wollett, advisor, January 14-15; FFA, Erin Wollett, adviser, trip

to Orlando, Florida, March 24-March 28; FFA, Erin Wollett, adviser, an

overnight April 1- April 2; FFA, Erin Wollett, to Columbus, Ohio Mary 4-5

and the eighth grade, to Washington DC May 10-May 13 with advisor

Donna Kill.

The consent agenda, also approved, included a classified contract for

the 2016-2017 school year to Michael Robinson, bus driver, retroactive to

January 3, 2017; Todd Jolliff, lunch duty; Bill Kerman, volunteer track;

Alexander Clemetson, volunteer track and William Brown, J V baseball.

Supplemental contracts were approved for Erin Wollett, volunteer track

and Beau Wolford, lunch duty.

April Hoffman was approved as a sub aide and a sub custodian, on an

as needed basis.

Petrie said the District Records Retention Committee meeting will

be held at 5:30 pm prior to the regular board meeting on February 13.

A public hearing on the proposed calendar for 2017-2018 will be held

during the February 13 meeting. The public is welcome to attend and

offer their suggestions

Reminder, all board meetings will begin at 6 pm beginning with the

February 13 meeting.

The board entered an executive session based on ORC 121.22(G),

employment of a public official. There was no further business


By Evelnyn Long

The Sentinel

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