Edison’s 2017 fire contract on hold after council discussion

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

Edison Council Safety Chairman, Floyd Wogan presented the 2017 Fire Contract drawn up by Mount Gilead officials. He noted that Mount Gilead is asking an amount of $10,000 for the 2017 fire contract.

Council members said there was a different understanding at the joint meeting in December of the Mount Gilead and Edison council and Safety Committees.

Edison Council Member Patti Feustal said she expected the 2017 Fire Contract to be the same as in the present and past years. Past contracts stipulate that the amount paid to Mount Gilead for fire protection will be 100 percent of the amount collected from the fire levy taxes.

Edison Fiscal Officer, Bruce Seaburn said that the amount received from taxes this year is approximately $8,200. The amount appropriated for the budget is $8,300. That means that the new Mount Gilead contract is requesting $1,700 more than is appropriated and received in tax collections. After the levy is passed they will be prepared to put more into the contract.

Feustal said, “It’s the principal of the thing. $1,700 isn’t that much more over what was collected. But it’s not what we discussed and agreed on in our meeting with them.”

Council members agreed that the best thing to do was have Edison Mayor, Sandy Ackerman talk to Mayor Mike Porter to find out why the change was made. Ackerman agreed to call Porter and ask him about the contract.

Council then unanimously passed a motion not to sign the 2017 fire contract as presented until there is an understanding since the present contract does not reflect the understanding and agreement at the joint meeting with Mt. Gilead.

In other council business, Council Member Eldonna McKinniss said that the ordinance on truck tonnage on village streets needs to be updated. The past ordinance of 2013 is out of date. She will work on that with other Street Committee members Floyd Wogan and April Anthony.

Ackerman reported on the walk through of the Edison school building last week. The building is scheduled to be demolished sometime this year. The stone in front of the building saying “Edison School” will be saved. Also tagged to be saved is a door, one swing set and bricks. She said that several Edison residents have requested bricks.

Ackerman said that the village still needs an attorney since Denise Martin resigned last month. She will be doing a search and asked council for suggestions.

Council passed Resolution 2017-01 on the Amounts and rates determined by the budget commission. Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) reported on balance due accounts. There are just two with large amounts due of about $400 each.

Payment of December bills was approved for $8,781.37 and for January in the amount of $3,235.43. The next meeting of the Edison Village Council will be Mon. Feb. 13 at 7 p.m.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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