Cardington Board of Education discusses district issues at November meeting

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Supt. Brian Petrie addressed several topics when the Cardington-Lincoln

Board of Education met for their November meeting.

He said the Athletic Boosters had raised $6,250 for the purpose of

baseball and softball fence and elementary gym bleachers. Most of these

projects have been completed. “We’re very happy to have the junior

high girls and boys basketball at the gym and at the elementary and providing funds to get additional bleachers will make the experience of spectators and parents better.”

He also commended Katie Porteus, district librarian, for helping to write

the $500 grant awarded from the Wooster Book Company and Ohio Arts Council for use at the Buckeye Book Fair at Wooster. “The kids were excited to spend that money at the Book Fair. It’s a very popular program within the district,” he said.

He complimented the performance given earlier in the day by the RMT Band

in the Drouhard Auditorium. Sponsored by the Gleaners, it was attended by students in grades four, five and six, parents, veterans and the community. Petrie said the band was very appreciative of our facilities – the environment and sound were perfect for their performance. He also noted the good job Linda Ruerhmund, president of the Chester Arbor of the Gleaners, did in emceeing the program.

Referring to the Board Policies, Petrie urged the board to review them by

the December meeting, giving approval or decline. He said the state auditors

are relying on looking at these policies, making sure we have the ones that

are most up to date. The board, he said, has copies of recommendations for

approval and the first read. He will make time at 6 pm at the December meeting to go over any final questions This will be open to the public if they

want to look at the language.

District treasurer, Jon Mason, reported “we are cautiously watching the

foundation as it develops into updating our new enrollments this year, both

regular Ed and Special Ed.” The board approved his report.

Giving an update on the Tomorrow Center, Supt Petrie said as a sponsoring

district “we are responsible for overseeing it.” He had attended the board’s

meeting earlier in the day and learned the enrollment is steady with 128.

He said they have been in contact with local schools about what programs

are offered to create a viable option for some of their students who have

counseling needs. He had also met with Brian De Santis, their attorney from Cleveland.

“I’m excited to work with him because he has worked with many community

schools and this firm has a lot of experience,” said Petrie.

He said they are still looking for an at-large board member. An ad will

be run seeking this member.

He gave a report on Naloxone Kits, noting that Naloxone is an antidote

for over dose of heroin. He said administrators from the high school level, board office rep at the elementary – Williams, Nippert, Mills and Petrie trained in the use of Naloxone. Project Dawn is providing kits to be distributed to individuals within school districts to be used in emergency situations.

He said the district itself can’t be owner of the kit but the individuals who

were trained are responsible for its storage. They learned the signs and

symptoms of when it is needed. These individuals learned on their own-

it was not a mandate.

Petrie introduced FFA Advisor and Agricultural instructor Erin Wollett

who described information on students visiting Honduras through a program

called Collegiate Agriculture, a special education for students.

Now they offer a high school trip of seven days to Honduras. She said it is a

curriculum learning and international education cultural experience.

Last year part of the experience was laying of concrete at a school there,

she said.

OSU allows them to take three students and one advisor and they will pay

$1200 of the advisor’s portion and $350 for each student. This is open to

juniors and seniors. She said she has about twelve to 15 students interested

this year.

Giving his report was Joe Mills, high school principal, who reviewed

activities in grades 7-12 and noted that Mark Colbern, from the Morrow County Sheriff’s Department, had presented a program on Bully Bustin’.

He publicly praised Austin Yake and his Golf Achievements, and the FFA

and members who were honored at the FFA Congress.

The Junior High Christmas band and choir concert will be December 13 and the high school concert is December 12, he said.

Jennifer Zierden, principal of grades 5-6, said students in grade six, will be visiting the Renaissance Theater in Mansfield to see “A Christmas Carol,”

and then will read that famous work.

The November birthday breakfast will be served at 8:15 am on November 29

She told staff they are going to make sure they are teaching what they are

suppose so we meet once a week with the 5th grade team and the next week with the 6th grade team to get the results they are suppose to achieve.

She listed the topics to be covered by classes the remainder of the calendar


Scott Hardwick, principal of grades K-4, said there are a lot of writing activities, literature being read, etc. in the countdown to Thanksgiving.

He reviewed the teacher conferences and said they had gone well.

He also reviewed Test Day noting it was a successful week of testing.

A data system is being constructed for the K-4 system, he said. Web Site bios are up and links are there. Anne Weston is helping him

with the construction. The district newsletter is also coming out this

winter, he said. There is a Twitter account – things are building at a momentum, he said. He thanked everyone for helping with the Fall Harvest, especially

the FFA for their work with the apple cider and the Putt Putt Golf Course.

The board accepted the resignation of Daniel Lemke, bus driver, effective

December 1, 2016.

Approved were the designated bus stops for the 2016-2017 school year.

Under the Consent Agenda, the board employed Philip Gaulin, Study Tables,

for Winter.

Supplemental contracts were approved for Marty Barnett, assistant AD,

Winter; Mary Hughes, tutor for SSID and Todd Jolliff, tutor for SSID.

Loretta Copeland was approved for the position of sub bus driver, a

needed and Mindy McGinnis, sub aide, as needed.

Supt Petrie asked that anyone interested in being appointed to the

Tri Rivers Career Board, and who meets the requirements, to contact him

This is to fill the vacancy created by retiring Jim Clinger.

The board will hold a work session on November 30, 2016 at 6 pm.

Board President Chuck Jones, said he is thankful for all who are helping to run the district- “I’m inspired by hearing all of the things that are going on and by those who are working on them in this district.” He said in comparing

the years since he came on board the district is doing much better in many ways.

The board held an executive session ORC 121.22 (G)(2) to prepare for

negotiations or bargaining session with public employees concerning their

compensation or other terms or conditions of their employment.

No further business was transacted.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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