Gilead Township Trustees look to voters to pass cemetery levy

The Gilead Township Cemetery Levy will appear on the ballot for township voters on the Nov. 8 general election ballot.

Township trustees is asking for support in passing the issue, which is expected to generated $52,952 in revenue.

The levy is .5 mill, which translates to .50 cents per $1000 of property value.

Currently, funding for the 11 cemeteries comes from the following sources:

  • Yearly inside millage totaling approximately- $47,530
  • Burials totaling approximately- $17,825
  • Sale of cemetery plots- $16,757

Current expenses are as follows:

  • Small cemetery mowing contracts- $4,500
  • Rivercliff and Bryn Zion mowing contracts- $38,600
  • Insurance for all cemeteries- $2,544
  • Annual estimated additional maintenance expenses- $10,879

The trustees have noted several projects that need levy passage to be completed:

  • Dead tree removal
  • Road repairs
  • Grave resetting and refurbishing

The Gilead Township Trustees urge the public to help pass the levy to continue to operate the cemeteries properly.