Cardington Board of Education updates district on key matters

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Cardington-Lincoln School District Superintendent Brian Petrie offered comments on several topics when the board met in regular session on Oct. 10.

Explaining the district’s donation policy, he said when anyone makes a donation to the district, monetary or otherwise, it should be acknowledged by the board not only giving thanks but to keep track of the gifts given to the district.

“It’s really important to me that we get back in the practice of making sure that happens. We need to make sure that everyone is aware of what is coming in as far as donations – we need to talk about this with our different booster groups, too- when contributions are made to buy equipment we need to establish who owns that equipment, either the booster group or the district. It’s appropriate for the tax filing status of that particular group.”

He will meet with staff, administrators and the groups named regarding this matter.

Petrie introduced John Heskett, present on behalf of the PTO, to explain the filing of documents, goals for the board and the meaning of the policy and the approval of the group. Heskett gave a brief update on the filing status of the 501 C(3).

On another topic, Petrie said he had met with the Board of Directors with the Tomorrow Center. Enrollment is 119 students and their projected or break even number is 100 to 105 students. Enrollment will keep on growing and they can accommodate upwards of 135 students. He had met with their newly hired attorney to discuss policies.

He also gave a brief update on the replacement for “No Child Left Behind” now “Every Student Succeeds” -passed last year. He said this is a transition year for the program in Ohio and other states. The goal is to return some of the power back to the local agencies in states. One is the highly qualified teacher requirement is going away. “They will rewrite what it means to have appropriate qualifications. We have to abide by it this year- federal law took it away but Ohio still uses it this year.”

“There are two new sub groups.” he stated. “Special education has been there but the new ones are homeless students and foster placed students. We don’t have the numbers to qualify as a sub group for report card purposes but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to follow the regulations. We do have some homeless students and foster placed students in the district. When we have homeless students we don’t wait on paper work we bring them in With this law (USSA) it forbids the district from keeping a student to enroll while you wait on paper work.”

Petrie also touched on the health of retirement plans for those employed in the district. He said the health care provision of the retirement plan is not guaranteed by law. “We need to prepare ourselves as employees and educators that the health care apparatus may not be around.”

Giving their reports were the district administrators. Principal Joe Mills, grades 7-12, reviewed Spirit and Homecoming week, first parent conference, amd Senior Day (students called it worthwhile) FFA is doing well -with a Powder Puff game and donkey basketball game coming; off campus opportu-nities for kids with Mrs Price advising and now they have a newsletter. Preparing students for post high school, he reviewed the testing that is begun as sophomores and the points needed to graduate. He also reviewed the fire drills to take place.

Jennifer Zierden, fifth and sixth grades, reviewed the dates of testings she is giving. Third grade reading guarantee is scheduled for Nov. 8-10

Make up exams will be given in December.

“Digital learning is going well,” she said. “Mr. Jolliff is monitoring the students in the lab.” On the Intermediate level she complimented Martha Wetzel, social worker on the PBIS progam. First monthly award was to be made Oct. 14. Conference Day has been held with another one schedule the day after this meeting. She commented “ I have the best job in the world – I have a wonderful staff – committee to making a difference in the lives of the kids.”

Scott Hardwick: K-4: He said they are working on creation of bios of staff “We are trying to make the web page more applicable – hoping to make it more understanding and buy in of that web page.” “We hope to make that page more accessible,” he said. Twenty bios have been sent to be uploaded.

He thanked the Cardington Rotary Club for the dictionaries given to the third grade students.

He also said that with the cooperation of the athletic department, another set of bleachers for the elementary (Patterson) Gym has been purchased This amounts to four more rows, 70 feet long on the south side of the gym giving us plenty of room to seat everybody on the bleachers. They will be installed over Christmas break.

The board approved the monthly financial report given by district treasurer, Jon Mason. Also approved was he five year forecast, Fy17-Fy21.

Mason said, “We are waiting on the health insurance renewal which is in progress- “We’ll have the quote back soon- it’s a concern until we receive that. Overall, I am happy where we’re at financially. We look better.”

Under Personnel actions the board approved: the retirement resignation of Mike Wilson, sub bus driver, effective Sept. 13, 2016.

Approved was a resolution declaring the impracticability of transportation services and approving of payment in lieu of transportation to families whose childen attend Gilead Chistian and Delaware Christian Schools for the 2016-2017 school year.

The following personnel were employed with pupil activity contracts for FY 17: Kevin Fitzpatrick, varsity assistant girls basketball volunteer; Tim Maceyko, 8th grade girls basketball; Stephanie Rose, 7th grade girls basketball; J. P. Linkous, varsity assistant boys basketball; Shane Chapman, JV boys basketball; Mark Spires, 8th grade boys basketball; Tod Brininger, 7th grade boys basketball; Terry McConnell, junior boys basketball volunteer;

Lyle Reppart, freshman boys basketball Riley Thomas, varsity assistant

boys basketball; Tod Brininger, varsity softball; Nathan Strome, varsity

baseball; Tyler Hall, varsity assistant baseball; Todd Joliff, varsity boys

track; Colin Hansen, varsity girls track; Kirby Francis, junior high track;

Tammy Francis, Junior high track; Joe Sumner, varsity wrestling; Tom

Smith, JV wrestling and Coby Martin, junior high wrestling.

All pupil activity contacts expire June 30, 2017.

Supplemental contracts were awarded to: Scott Hardwick, varsity assistant

girls basketball; Kirsten Ebert, JV girls basketball; John Brehm, varsity

assistant track; Paula Cairnie, special education department chair;

Jerry Williams, physical fitness director; Carolyn Denzer, freshman class

advisor; Marty Barnett, spelling bee; Angela Conley, year book advisor

Nancy Burdsall was approved as the Ohio Reads coordinator for FY 17

Employed as classified substitutes were Kristen Foust, sub aide;

effective September 13, 2016; Monica McDaniel, sub aide, sub custodan

and sub bus driver and Mike Wilson, sub bus driver.

The board adjourned the 40 minute regular meeting and entered an executive session based on ORC 121.22 G, to consider the investigation of charge against a student and to consider the employment of a public official.

There was no further action following the two hour, forty minute session

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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