Meet your candidate for Morrow County Commissioner — Burgess Castle

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

Candidate for County Commissioner Burgess Castle takes pride in the work he has done to improve Morrow County roads. Beginning in March of 2015 he spent many hours visiting other counties and gathering information on the condition of Morrow County roads and what could be done to improve them.

Morrow County Auditor Pat Davies said that the Morrow County officials have been working on plans to improve the roads for several years. She appreciates that Castle was “very vocal” in making sure the issue didn’t die. He came to her office to ask about funding and questioned why the county was so deficient in road funding.

Morrow County Engineer Assistant, Bart Dennison said that Castle looked into sources to fund the roads plan. He gave credit to Castle for doing much of the leg work to get a meeting with State Senator David Burke who came to the county to speak with officials about funding opportunities for roads. He said Castle continues to keep in touch with Burke about sources of funding for the county.

Castle said that it was important to do the homework and get the facts when he saw a problem like the bad roads in the county. He also spent several months of his time and money to prevent the landfill from coming into Harmony Township a few years ago.

A concern Castle intends to look into as Commissioner is finding a way to improve response time for county EMS and first responders. He is also wants to make the Morrow County Hospital profitable. Castle also questions whether the Sheriff’s office should be getting more funding from the sales tax, rather than having so much going into the general operating fund.

Castle has been a Township Trustee for three terms for Harmony Township. He has also served for eight years on the Fire District Board and eight years on the Morrow County Zoning Board of Appeals.

Castle has lived in Morrow County since his youth and is a graduate of Highland High School. He served in the U.S. Air Force as a flight engineer for four years and returned to Morrow County to work at HPM. He also established his own business, Castle’s Deli and Castle’s Automotive. In 2011 he built and opened Boondocks Family Restaurant in Fulton.

He believes that his success in business is due to treating people right and having a good product with good service. He thanks the people in the county who have made his business successful. He is running for County Commissioner because his customers and friends have encouraged him to run.

Castle intends to continue to work to find creative approaches to the challenges the county has to lead to a progressive business environment. He believes the county needs to be more aggressive in bringing business to the interchange areas at SR 61, SR 95 and I 71.

Castle concluded by saying that it’s important for Commissioners to actively seek and push for growth and jobs in the county.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel