Cardington-Lincoln and Northmor hosted collaborative food training effort

Staff report

Local food service coordinators, Deb Hart and Nikki Morrison from Cardington-Lincoln and Northmor Local Schools collaborated on offering required community food service training on at Highland Local Schools.

Over 100 surrounding area school directors and cooks were welcomed to take part in an all-day seminar that focused on introducing products and services and reviewing nutritional regulations. Half-hour seminars included guest speakers and consultants from General Mills, Acosta Food Service, Key Impact Sales, Rightway Foods and many more. Sarina Wilkes highlighted key updates from the Ohio Department of Education to attendees, too.

Each participants was also included in conflict resolution and managing personal stress in the workplace through a seminar delivered by Northmor High School alumni, Allen Sanders.

Sanders, a consultant of Pure Mind Consulting, shared his expertise to the attendees to conclude the day’s events.

Lunch was provided by Don Boger from Rightway Foods. Door prizes and a question and answer session was provided by each company and by co-hosts, Deb Hart and Nikki Morrison on how to better school lunches and meet regulations.

Next year, Hart and Morrison plan to include ServSafe training into the food service training exercises. ServSafe is a nationwide training service that requires a passing grade to be certified. Restaurants across the United States require at least one employee hold a ServSafe Cerfification because the extensive training sessions key in on safety procedures.

Staff report