Friends of Cardington to host ‘Walk in the Cemetery’ event at Glendale

The public is invited to take a “Walk in the Cemetery” on Saturday, Oct. 22, when Friends of Cardington will host the event at Glendale Union Cemetery from 4 – 6 p.m.

The lives of seven Cardington residents will be portrayed at their grave sites by six hosts. Robert Long, Civil War veteran, by Pat Drouhard; Caroline Hack, whose murder is still unsolved, by Margie Brown; Alice Van Sickle, news reporter by Jane Edgell; Leumas Cook, early pioneer and founder of Cardington, by Dan Robinson; and Dr Florence Goodhue-White, physician, by Dawn Ruehrmund.

Another of the sites to be visited is that of Civil War veterans, Capt Henry Cunard and Capt James St. John, killed in the same battle and buried together. They will be portrayed by Sonny Grooms and Andrew Schoppelrei.

The history of the Civil War monument will be described by Diane McClure.

Visitors are asked to use the rear entrance, Glendale Avenue (off of Railroad Street) to the cemetery. There is a suggested donation of $5 per person. Funds will go towards the repair of the Civil War Monument with the estimated cost of that repair to be $35,000.

To be displayed will be a large poster made by Joshua Groves, Cardington- Lincoln High School art teacher, which will show the growth towards that goal as it is donated for the monument repair.

Golf carts will be available for those who wish to take the tour in a mobile unit. Refreshments will be available courtesy of The Gleaners.