Cardington schools ‘on target’ financially, says treasurer

By Evelyn Long - for the Morrow County Sentinel

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel

The Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education met in a special meeting on June 25, to finalize its fiscal year report.

Approved was the May 2015 financial report. District treasurer Scott Osborn said, “We’re on target where we had hoped to be.”

The board authorized the treasurer to complete the necessary transfers and advances in order to reconcile and balance all accounts for FY 2015; approved the FY 15 modifications to Estimates Resources and appropriations at the fund levels, approved the FY 2015 final appropriations at the fund level; approved the FY 2016 temporary appropriations and estimated resources at the fund levels and approved the property, fleet and liability insurance for FY 2016 with Andrews Insurance Associates, Inc. for $37,488. Referring to the latter, Osborn said, “We had a good year with no big claims.”

The board approved payment of bills totaling $870,774.39 written on warrant checks 86052-86198

Supt Brian Petrie and Joe Mills, Principal of grades 7-12 reviewed the math curriculum proposals for grades K-12 and explained their analysis. At the conclusion, the board agreed to a five year agreement with McGraw Hill K-5 for $40,294 and a seven year agreement with McGraw Hill, grades 6-12 for $37,237.

Supt Petrie noted the Tomorrow Center Sponsorship Agreement and Lease had been forwarded to the Tomorrow Center Board for its approval.

He also gave a state budget update and said that he was encouraged by parts of it including a tentative amount the district may receive.

In other business, Supt Petrie said FFA members had attended FFA Camp in Carrollton, Ohio and transportation of the 15 students was provided by River Valley Local Schools.


The board approved a Shared Food Service Coordination with Highland Local Schools and Deb Hart’s assignment contract of 50 percent.

Under the consent agenda, the board accepted the resignation of Cole Randolph, junior high English, effective June 12, 2015.

Also approved were the following new certified staff: Caroline Denzer, 7-12 Guidance; Kara Strine, 7-12 guidance; Lindsey Anders, Social worker; Brooke S. Holcomb, social worker and Ann Marie Thomas, JH English, each a one year limited contract.

The following pupil activity non- teaching contracts were approved: Phillip Gualin, junior high football; Jonathan Naylor and Kirby Francis, each varsity assistant Cross Country; Linda Brininger, junior high volleyball and Tracy Wiliamson, varsity cheerleading.

The following classified staff members were employed for FY 16: Maggie Carrigan, secretary and Lisa Levering, EMIS Secretary, each continuing; Carol Holt, custodian and Alan Long, maintenance, each 2 year limited.

This was District Treasurer Scott Osborn’s final meeting as his resignation was effective June 30, 2015.

Evelyn Long is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]