Auditor and engineer implement county GIS mapping system

Morrow becomes 86th Ohio county to join list

Staff report

The Morrow County Auditor and Engineer have completed the development of a new computer mapping system called GIS which stands for Geographic Information System.

County Auditor Patricia Davies and staff are leading the way on this project with the amazing support of County Engineer’s staff members Brandon Strain and Assistant Engineer Bart Dennison.

It is the Auditor’s parcel base map that supports many important uses, according to Richard Kotapish, of Geo-centric Consulting, Inc., a consultant who has managed the conversion of the Mylar Tax Maps into a computerized format.

Kotapish notes, “The implementation of GIS in Morrow County is without a doubt, the most important technology project to impact local government and Morrow County constituents since E911. Access to County mapping and property information is now available 24/7, from anywhere, even your phone.”

Morrow County is the 86th of 88 Ohio Counties to implement GIS.

“After the conversion process, the County tax duplicate is more accurate than before, ensuring a more equal application of taxes and tax relief programs.” he said.

GIS supports applications such as emergency dispatch, land planning, emergency management and homeland security, crime analysis, property appraisal, civil engineering, natural resource monitoring, transportation planning, public health and environmental analysis, economic development, census analysis, and more.

“GIS is another Public First Initiative and important in our efforts to Modernize Morrow County. As County Auditor, I am prioritizing creating modern efficiencies and transparent government practices. The citizens of Morrow County deserve the best services and most modern expediencies available,” stated Auditor Davies.

On the new GIS website, users can view aerial photography with parcel boundaries, lot dimensions, quarter sections & lots, easements, subdivisions, lot/sublot numbers, school districts, oil and gas wells, Auditor’s property and owner information. Users can overlay natural resource mapping such as soils, streams, lakes, flood plains, and view surveys associated with a property right from the GIS map.

The GIS website can be accessed at . Questions are welcome in both the County Auditor and County Engineer’s Offices.

Morrow becomes 86th Ohio county to join list

Staff report