Mount Gilead residents voice zoning concerns at special Council meeting

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

Several Mount Gilead Village and Township residents came out to express their concerns with a zoning ordinance at a special council meeting last week.

The purpose of the meeting was to adopt an ordinance to change the zoning for the property at the northwest corner of Bingham Road and State Route 61 north of Mount Gilead.

The previous plan for the property was to have a development of condominiums. That plan has changed and the developer and realtor plan to have two and three bedroom homes on the property.

The primary concern of Jack Hull and several other citizens at the meeting was the possible drainage of water onto their property. The present site of the development is now in grass and hayfields.

Landowners are concerned that with building and development there will be more runoff and flooding. They said that there is already often flooding when there are heavy rains. Hull said the present tiles, drains and ditch fill up quickly and overflow onto the road and properties south of Bingham Road with a heavy rain.

Land Developer, Bob Sochor of RJS Construction is working on the development with realtors at Howard Hannah and was present to answer many of the property owners concerns. He said that there is a retaining pond planned to hold the water off the rooves and asphalt driveways when it rains.

Hull asked what happens if the retaining pond can’t hold the runoff water. Whose job is it to maintain the pond and the tiles?

Socher said it will be the homeowners’ responsibility to remove the debris from the retaining pond. He added that they (the developers) have hired a good engineering company and it’s their job to do the project so there are no problems. Sochor said he has worked in developing residential areas in Delaware County for many years and he has confidence in the project engineers and builders.

Area property owners Vaughn Corwin, John Shade and Carl Mynhier were also present and had concerns there would be runoff after heavy rains. They realize that the volume of water would be the same, but the speed of the water running off rooves and concrete would be faster.

After continued discussion, Council Member, John Oyster asked if those attending had their questions answered to their satisfaction.

Corwin paused, then said it remained to be seen how the planned retaining pond worked. He still has some concerns.

Mayor, Mike Porter thanked citizens for their input and questions. Sochor met with them briefly after they left the meeting and gave them his contact information if they have more questions or concerns.

Council voted to adopt the zoning for the residential development to R-3 to accommodate individual homes on the property.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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