Cardington-Lincoln unveils new organization dedicated to academia

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

It is an innovative, new concept that a dedicated group of parents and community members in the Cardington-Lincoln School District have organized.

“The Education Foundation,” as it is called, is approved as a non-profit is chaired by Vicki Kerman, a member of the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education.

“The mission,” explained Kerman, “is to enhance the educational opportunities for the district’s students and is similar to an athletic boosters but for academics.”

Kerman provided an update on its status during the June meeting of the Cardington-Lincoln BOE.

The foundation’s first project is to coordinate the purchase of school supplies for the elementary school. It has negotiated arrangements with wholesalers to purchase the supplies in bulk and have these ready in kits for the students when they come to the district’s Open House on August 11. “We have had an outpouring of volunteers ready

to break down the pallets and assemble the students’ supply kits in early August,” explained Angela Curren, a parent of children in the district who has volunteered to be the Volunteer Officer. “We are grateful for their help,” said Jennifer Salyers, also a parent of children in the district, who has volunteered to be the Fiscal Officer.

Parents and guardians have until July 7 to submit their order. Over 100 of the approximately 600 Pre-K through sixth grade students have already ordered.

Complimenting the Foundation’s effort, Brian Petrie, Cardington-Lincoln School District Superintendent, said “For the first time, we have a specific school supply list and a way for parents and guardians to save money. This will make it easy on the parents/guardians, will help the students because they will have what they need to learn and will help the teachers because they know they will be getting what they need to teach.”

“If you are an organization that would like to help us with this project we welcome your contribution to help our students,” said Salyers. She noted that since they have been approved as a non profit organization, “we are open for business.”

The Foundation will be holding regular meetings to identify projects to assist students in their academic endeavors. Those interested should check the district’s web site: or contact the school at 419-864-3691.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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