Edison alumni mark 106th banquet

EDISON — The 106th Edison Alumni Banquet will be held Saturday, September 3, 2022 at the Edison Enterprise Baptist Church fellowship hall.

After not holding a banquet in 2020 due to Covid and with the number of cases still high in the spring of 2021, the event was moved from the traditional Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend, a date which proved to be popular.

The first meeting of the Edison Alumni Association was held in 1893. By then, the high school, which opened in 1884, had graduated a total of 13 students. The first class in 1888 had only two members, the 1889 class had four, there were none in 1890, five in 1891, and two in 1892. Class sizes increased to eight or nine over the next few years, but a second alumni gathering was not held until May 31, 1916. It took place in the Edison Opera House, as did other banquets until a gymnasium was completed at the school in 1932. Banquets have been held consistently since 1916 with the exception of three years, the last of which was 2020.