Reflections: Looking back at past events in Morrow County

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

The title of this column is Reflections and this week I am going to reflect on some items printed in past editions of Morrow County newspapers.

For instance, L. S. Russell of Cardington, owned the first automobile stopped for speeding in Morrow County. The arrest was on Cardington’s Main Street in 1910. Russell said he was not going over 20 mph because his car, a 1910 Brush, eight horsepower, one cylinder, “wouldn’t go any faster than that downtown.” His car cost him $375. The fine was $5. He said the mayor gave him quite a talking to about reckless driving.

May, 1916, a Cardington woman, who obviously had red hair took umbrage with an article in a Columbus paper that said “redheaded people are weaklings and have less show in the marriage market than others.” She defended red headed women quoting the president of a college in Oxford, Ohio where the enrollment was 250, who said all the teachers were red headed with the exception of one teacher with brown tresses. She then noted that Cardington, with 1400 people, “where spinsters are many owing to the exodus of boys to other places for employment, not one of those single girls is red headed. “It is rather the other way, red headed women, rarely pretty, generally quick tempered go off in the marriage market more rapidly than their handsome sisters.

“I never saw a red-headed old maid in my life and I have seen a lot of them and mighty fine women, too, who have preferred to remain single.:”

She went on to say “There is a controversy on at this time in the local paper between the bachelors and old maids but this redheaded idea is a new angle on the subject. As for red headed men being the weakling of the race, there is nothing in Ohio to bear it out. Some of our brightest men, engineers, teachers and professional men, are red headed. Give me a red headed man with a Roman nose and I’ll buck him against any type of blonde or brunette anywhere.!” Signed, a Cardington, Ohio Red head.

May, 1926: The Peoples Store, one of the most popular in Cardington, was moving to Marion. The store had been in business for 30 years. C. F Heimlich and H. W. Axthelm were the owners. The new store, The Jenner Store was to open in the same business block.

May, 1936: A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Schorr of Cardington.

May, 1946: Discharged from military service were Marion Cole, Robert D. Ullom, Howard Clements, Robert Brollier, Linden Chase, Carrol Lewis, Donald Cocharn, Warren Westbrook, James Douce, Howard D. McClenathan, Ray

Brenneman, Cliff Lamson, and Ralph Doran.

May, 1956: Lowell Strine and Louis Waterer, Cardington High School juniors, were selected to attend Buckeye Boys State as representative of Jenkins-Vaughan Post 97 of the American Legion, Cardingto

May,1966: Joyce Jagger, Mt Gilead Junior High School English student of Mabel Wells Burns, spoke to the junior high student body about her trip to Jamaica. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. John Jagger.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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