Reflections: Snippets from the past


By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

Several readers of this column have voiced their appreciation at seeing names from the past, including relatives, friends, friends of their parents, etc. This week I am offering several news items I think are of interest from past increment years that were published in the three county newspapers and the Cardington High School Searchlight newspaper.

80 yeas ago: January, 1939: C. M. Burt, veteran jeweler in Cardington, re- signed as a member of the village council. That same month it was noted that births outnumbered deaths in Morrow County in 1938. Total births were 232 to 192, according to the Morrow County Health Department. The number of communicable diseases increased by nearly 50 per cent during the previous year with 235 measles cases leading the category.

Next was mumps with 29 cases. A total of 2561 residents were vaccinated for small pox in 1938.

Also in 1939, total appropriations for all funds required for the operation of Cardington village for 1939 was $15,700, set by the Cardington Village council.

January, 1944, 75 years ago: The Cardington eighth grade presented the PTA program. Introduced by Betty Bennett were Kent Curl, playing his drums accompanied by JoAnne Curl; Kathryn Nybladh, a vocal solo, Jean Campbell, saxophone solo,and Audrey Barton, piano solo.

January, 1949: 70 years ago: The New York Central Railroad’s Ohio State Limited Train which passed through Cardington twice daily, added new $100,000 stainless steel sleeping cars.

Pictured were members of the 1949 Pirateer (yearbook) staff: Henry Newcomer, Bob Skinner, Virgil Guiher, Dalton Jenkins, Howard Hamblin and Sally Dunham.

Jack Wilhelm’s feature article on his family’s trip to Florida over the holidays was on the front page of the Searchlight newspaper.

This edition of the Searchlight also reached back to 1922-23 and reprinted items from “The Tattler,” the school’s newspaper. Officers of that year’s freshman class were Miles Smith, president; Leland Cahoon, vice president; Hazel Russell, secretary and Walter McClarren, treasurer. There were 30 pupils in that class.

55 years ago, January, 1964: Cardington High School students of the month were Corintha Russell and Richard Carsner. FHA delegates to the state convention were Terry Baer, Karen Bender, Laura Laucher, and Linda Wilt. Choir member was Rosemary Graham.

The seniors had selected the cast for their play, “Harvey.” They were Larry Burggraf, Marlene Renz, Nelson Hack, Rosemary Wilson, Darrell Levings, Roger Arehart, Rita Radel, Sharon Yeoman, Anna Gibbons, Howard Gordon and Marge Lamson.

50 years ago, January, 1969: In the classified section of the Independent, Don’s Feed and Seed Store in Cardington advertised for a man for mill work Morrow Lanes wanted a female for snack bar help at the bowling alley and the Wornstaff Inn had a position for someone interested in cleaning after hours.

40 years ago, January 1974: A motorist whose brakes failed, slid into the side of the Bridge Tavern on Gilead Street. Some concrete blocks were dislodged and a counter inside was damaged.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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