Reflections: Armistice Day and Morrow County


By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day — a day that brings so many warm memories and remains one of my favorite holidays. I remember Norman Rockwell type scenes growing up when our family gathered around the table in a house with limited modern facilities but a home filled with caring love. The “bird,” be it a turkey or chicken, centered the table around which my sisters and parents were seated.

The meal was prefaced with a prayer. There were very few scraps left after that repast.

Following the death of my father, my mother became hostess for the years that her family grew in numbers. In later years, my husband and I hosted the dinners with our family and other guests- again, with the warmth of fellowship that included the prayer. There was something about that togetherness that cannot be recaptured physically but fondly remembered today.

Although “Over the River and Through the Woods” is a favorite song.

I still find “We Gather Together to Ask the Lord’s blessings,” as the theme that brings peace to my heart.

My parents and husband are no longer with me and my siblings have their own families; but the memories of those past Thanksgivings bring a loving comfort and a perfect prelude to the Christmas season.

My wish is that your Thanksgiving is so blessed.

Addendum: I still love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade – usually watched between preparing a bird and making pumpkin pie but today I just sit back and enjoy as someone else is preparing the bird and pumpkin pie!

Looking back; Researching past newspapers I note that few restaurants were open on Thanksgiving Day but offered those dinners on the days before the holiday:

90 years ago: Cunninghams’ Market in Cardington had turkeys, geese, ducks and chicken for sale for the holiday; in 1948 one could get a full Thanksgiving Dinner at the Milky Way for $1.25; the Wornstaff Inn, Cardington, offered a roast turkey dinner before the holiday for $1.75 and Al’s Restaurant, Cardington, served a pre-Thanksgiving dinner for $1.90 both of these sites in 1968. Ten years later, Al’s Thanksgiving dinner served on the Sunday before was $3.35. The Derrick Motel did serve a dinner on the holiday itself.

100 years ago: The Spanish flu caused the deaths of a 36 year old Sparta man; a 19 year old Iberia woman and her young son; a Westfield woman and a Cardington soldier serving in Europe. Also passing away as a result of the flu was the Cardington School superintendent.

50 years ago: PFC Dennis Crum, of rural Cardington, suffered abrasions and contusions while engaging in a fire fight with a hostile force in Vietnam.

40 years ago: The Cardington-Lincoln High School gymnasium was dedicated in honor of Dr. Lowell Murphy.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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