Reflections: Looking Back — For a little while


By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

I love to read newspapers.

I find so much information I did not know or had forgotten, so this week I am devoting this space to stories that appeared in the Morrow County Sentinel, Morrow County Independent and the Cardington Searchlight school newspaper during the month of April.

70 years ago, April, 1948: Cardington High School maintained its status as a first grade high school following an inspection by the Ohio Department of Education. One recommendation made by the inspector was that health should be taught in the physical education courses with girls instructed by one of their own sex.

Owen Blowers of Coshocton, bought the two story Shaw Mission property on Second Street from Tellis Doubikin. The new owner planned to establish a dry cleaning plant in the building.

Three Cardington High School seniors had been selected to appear in the 1947-48 edition of the publication, “Who’s Who Among Students in the American High Schools.” They were Clara Mae Ruehrmund, Edna Harris and Kent Curl.

A total of 32 inches of rain fell in the county on April 11. Water moving down Gilead Street moved a concrete slab five feet. U S. 42 was flooded at the East Main Street bridge and scores of basements in Cardington were flooded.

Jeanne Benson was to reign as the Cardington High School May Queen. She was to be crowned by retiring queen, Edna Harris. Her court members were Caryl Page, JoAnne Westbrook, Pat Barton, Nancy Richey, Dorthea Benson, Janice Hall, Reba Shoewalter, Kathryn Nybladh, Audrey Barton and Betty Bennett.

Marlene Bean retained her county spelling crown for the second consecutive year. She was a sixth grade Cardington student.

The PTA had presented its operetta, “Kathleen,” with over 300 persons attending. Mrs. Adah Fricke was commended for her art work on the scenery. The Cardington School District was assigned to provide 65 units for the Morrow County Centennial parade scheduled for July 5.

60 years ago, April, 1958: The New York Central Railroad discontinued two trains, Nos. 444 and 445 through Cardington and Edison. After more than a century, passenger rail service had come to an end in Morrow County.

Cardington student Gary Rush was awarded an “excellent” rating for his model of an internal combustion engine at the North Central District Science Fair in Tiffin.

Harley Long was elected president of the Cardington Rotary Club.

I want to thank local historian Aaron Davis for submitting information to me related to last week’s column on the George Singer Poultry business.

The business ended in 1911 because Mr. Singer passed away and no one carried it forward. Thank you, Aaron.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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