Reflections: Santa Claus isn’t always in a red suit


By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

It’s just four days to Christmas Eve when Santa Claus will depart from the North Pole, and in his familiar red and white suit, leave Mrs. Claus and those elves, climb into his sleigh and give the order to his eight reindeer to tally—ho and take off for the many homes he will visit and leave toys and other gifts.

His travels will be followed through technology on television and other sites.

In my mind, though, Santa doesn’t always wear a red suit. I refer to the hundreds of organizations, groups, churches, individuals, military groups, and many others, who work so diligently in seeking and getting donations of food, toys, gifts, money, etc. to give to the more unfortunate. What a blessing these “Santas” are and they never look for cookies and milk under a tree.

It’s fun to recognize Santa. I loved waiting for him to come when I was a child and we enjoyed taking our children to visit Santa and to watch their reactions.

The concept of giving is personified through Santa. What could be a better definition for Christmas. It began centuries ago when gifts were brought to the newborn baby in Jerusalem.

Lights —“the star over Bethlehem,” music; “Silent Night,” toys, everything from dolls to trucks — and giving — that’s Christmas. May yours be merry and blessed.

Christmas in Cardington: 71 years ago: Joanne Fricke made a Santa Claus picture for the first grade students of Mary McAlister. Joanne was a seventh-grade student. Cast of the sixth-grade Christmas program included Shirley Mathias, Patty Long, Evelyn Bowman, Helen High, Iadell Carpenter, Franklin Curl, Leo Gattshall, Glen Irwin, Lowell Shaffer, Eddie Hempfield, John Gompf, Bennie Cumston, Janice Sparks and Von Pohlman.

From the Morrow County Independent 70 years ago, December, 1947: T/S Walter S. Matthes, Jr of Cardington, wrote his parents that he had the honor of being chauffeur for Senator Owen Brewster of Maine and his wife on a sightseeing tour of Berlin.

60 years ago, December, 1957: Mrs. Alice Sherman donated a Christmas tree that was erected and decorated in the Cardington Park. Alice was the daughter of Henry Retterer, former Cardington mayor who was responsible for many park improvements during his term of office in the early 1900s. The log cabin was moved and rebuilt in the park while he was mayor.

49 years ago, December, 1968: A Christmas concert was to be given by the Cardington High School. One of those participating was a quintet composed of Jeff Baer, Bobby Edgell, Randy Hack, Terry Wildermuth and Roger Mattix.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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