Reflections: The lights of Christmas


By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

Nothing defines Christmas like lights. You know the Christmas holiday is approaching with the appearance of lights on trees, houses, business places, government offices. Anywhere they can be placed they are the official announcement the Christmas season is here.

Our county villages are placing their lights in the most decorative ways As in the other villages, Cardington’s downtown Christmas lights have been placed by various organizations for years. The Rotary Club and more recently the village, transforms the business district to a Christmas wonderland with lights.

I researched the village history and found that the first electric plant in Cardington was constructed in 1896 by George Schaumms. It furnished electric to just the downtown business district and was turned off at midnight. In 1904 the company was sold to a stock company for $12,000.

It continued to flourish and even added new wiring and an extension of 30 feet to the building which stood off of West Main Street at the bottom of the hill behind what was once the Dreamland Theater.

It was noted in the Oct. 26, 1905, Morrow County Independent that steam was generated by the use of natural gas which gave steady power to run the place. However, it wasn’t until 1937 with the passage of a two mill levy that residential street lighting was made possible.

I cannot find a date when residences first were supplied with electric. However, just 100 years ago, our residential streets were not lit after dark.

Knowing this today, I appreciate even more the beauty of Christmas lights in our village and those around the county. What a glorious way to herald the approach of the most significant holiday of the year.

70 years ago, 1947: A new one plow Massey Harris Pony tractor sold at Richeson and Russell’s dealership at 230 West Main Street, Cardington, for a little over $800.

Approximately 600,000 of the 1947 Christmas seals were mailed to 3,000 families in Morrow County during the last week in November by the Morrow County Tuberculosis and Health Association. The seals were first used in the United States in 1907.

50 years ago, 1967: Marilyn Radel of Cardington was pictured with Eddie Albert, star of the CBS-TV series, “Green Acres” at the annual 4-H Club Congress in Chicago.

30 years ago, 1987: Kindra James, daughter of Carol and John James of Cardington, was selected as an entrant in the 1988 Miss Ohio USA Pageant to be held in Columbus.

Remember when soda pop machines dispensed glass bottles, remember candy cigarettes and milk delivered in glass bottles?

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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Reach us at [email protected]