Reflections: Looking back to the ‘good old days’

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

I was running copies off my computer printer the other day and it prompted me to recall those mimeograph machines that we used at school and in my earlier jobs or making a carbon copy of a typed report — what a nuisance! That led me to reminisce about things from my childhood or earlier years that we took for granted such as aprons. My grandmothers, mother and even I wore aprons, from the bib style to those that tied around the waist.

Remember larder cupboards, ice boxes ( we had to make sure the pan of water that dripped from the block of ice was emptied regularly) the vegetable chopper, hand held beaters to beat egg whites, etc. Remember the x-ray machines that showed your foot in new shoes; coin operated rides in department stores, can openers on the wall along with pencil sharpeners that hooked onto the wall.

The list goes on and on. Remember having a weapon in school meant “being caught with a slingshot?” or Saturday morning cartoons were cartoons and not 30 minutes of commercials, or catching fireflies in the summer could happily occupy an entire evening.

Remember when taking drugs meant taking chewable aspirin, owning a bike made you feel like “king of the road,” and the worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team?

I find it sad and at other times disconcerting that we do not have the more simplistic parts of life even though I prefer most of the “modern” things that make life easier, the memories of the past bring warm reminiscing.

60 years ago, October, 1957: Robert Johnston, Jane Patterson, Charles Morris and Melvin Zeigler, seniors at Cardington-Lincoln High School, took the preliminary Ohio History Test under the sponsorship of the Ohio University, Athens.

An addition to the Stahl Metal Products, Inc, Cardington plant, when completed, would double the size of the facility. As of this month, eight men were employed at the local plant.

Cardington Mayor Don Healea reminded residents that parents would be held responsible for any property damage caused by their children during the Halloween season.

The Cardington Halloween celebration set for Oct. 31, was canceled due to the prevalence of the flu and sickness in the village. This was after 238 students and six teachers missed school one day due to an outbreak of influenza in the Cardington area.

50 years ago, October 1967: Staff Sergeant Thomas B. Graham had arrived in Cardington on Oct. 11 after spending a year in Vietnam. He served in the First Infantry Division. While there he received the Bronze Star with Valor, the Bronze Star, Vietnamese Gallantry Cross in Bronze, Vietnamese Campaign ribbon, Unit Citation with two gold leaf clusters, Combat Infantry badge, the Silver Star and a Purple Heart.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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