Reflections: Fall means nostalgia

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

With the arrival of fall, my emotions are torn as the season marks the end of my favorite season, summer, and the prelude to winter, where the highlights to me are the holidays.

Nostalgia takes me back many falls and looking at a painting done by my artist Mother, reflects my father driving the horse team as they pull the harrow between rows of shocked corn in a field on the farm where we lived.

I know some of those terms are “foreign” today but it conjures memories of my dad cutting the corn stalks and shocking them like Indian teepees. Later my parents would shuck that corn, usually in crisp, even cold weather. Our dogs loved those days as they pounced on what ever rodent had been making their home under those shocks.

Compare that with today’s farm harvesters clearing fields of corn, beans, etc. in short time. What a great benefit our farmers are. I will always respect what they do and I only wish my dad could see the advances in harvesting today.

Fall reminds me of football games when I was in school — marching in the band, carrying my bass drum, with each of my three sisters, one on clarinet, one on snare drum and one on saxophone. Later, following those games from a seat in the bleachers as my sons played in the band.

Today I support the team and follow the band from a different vantage point, but just as fiercely.

Looking back

October, 1947:

The 6,000-volume Cardington Public Library opened in its new location on East Main Street.

The name “Cardington” was painted on the roof of the school by representatives of the Civil Aeronautics Authority to provide location and direction for pilots of small aircraft. Direction and distance to the nearest airport was also painted on the Cardington School roof.

60 years ago, October, 1957: Mary Ann Daniels was crowned the Cardington

High School homecoming queen prior to the game with the Elm Valley Aces.

The attendance at the game was more than 1,000. Her court attendants were

Hazel Henry, Barbara Evans, Shirley Koehler and Frances Bingman. Carding-ton won the game over undefeated Elm Valley 28-0. Scoring touchdowns were Gary Crum, Dick Murphy and Clive Jenkins

October, 1977:

Cardington native Ted Weise was named vice president of Special Projects and Advanced Planning by the Federal Express Corp of Memphis, Tenn. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Weise.

James Fisher leased the Mobil gas station on West Main Street from Carl Burggraf who had operated it since 1946.

Kevin Hickman and Tonya Shonk, second and third graders, respectively, were named king and queen of the Fulton Annual Fall Carnival.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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Reach us at [email protected]