Reflections: Snippets from early newspapers

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

While looking through earlier news stories I find short items that are interesting. I am presenting a few of them this week.

From a Sept. 5, 1929 Morrow County Independent: An item by reporter Alice Van Sickle, describes the “Modern Miracle”

“G. W. Gandee, Cardington baker, has known an experience that must set him thinking, viz:”

She wrote that during an electric storm the previous Thursday night, the room in which his son, Wilson sleeps, was struck by lightning and a jagged hole told where the electric fluid had entered.” It lifted a rug from the floor, tore around the metal bed on which Wilson slept and came out the way it entered. Wilson, 13 years old, and his narrow escape is a modern miracle as though angels watched over his slumber.

That was only part of the story; Mr. Gandee and his family had recently returned from a trip in which his car was wrecked. He turned it in as junk and bought a new one only to learn that on his return home, for $50 he could have made the old bus he liked so well, like new. Added to that, afterward he sprained his ankle.

Van Sickle commented “For long years we waited to see his religion, like that of so many wash

out but it sticks. Mr. and Mrs. Gandee always keep a Bible or the life of John Wesley handy where they can pick it up, back of the counter and if you can show me a bigger gesture in a business man do so.”

On Nov. 14, 1957, the Morrow County Sentinel printed “Cardington High School’s Philosophy. There were 11 points all drawn up bya teacher-phi losophy committee, approved by the entire faculty and concurred by the board of education. The 10th point stated “That the home, church and school are all forces working together toward the total development of the child.” The 11th point was a quote by William Howard Taft.

November, 1956 Warren Smiley, chairman of the Morrow County Republican Central Committee and a Cardington resident, had been invited to ride the train of Vice President Richard Nixon during the Ohio tour.

November, 1976 William Johnstone, local insurance agent, was pictured holding an engrossed scroll presented by Buckeye Union Insurance Co in honor of the agency’s 50 years of representation.

November, 1986: Pictured were Cardington-Lincoln High School Class officers: Rodney Squires, Kathy Mullins, Kelly Kirkpatrick, and Christy Maceyko, seniors; Tonya Salisbury, Nikki Pearl, Denise Stephens and Kevin Hickman, juniors; Wendy Disterdick, Melissa Lee, Stephanie Bird and Cheryl Adkins, sophomores and Mindi Graham, Chris Miller, Peggy Scherderer and Devra Harris, freshman.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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