October 10th

Assist – the officer was dispatched to Douglas Street to assist a squad. The patient was on the floor of the bedroom. He assisted with getting her onto the cot so she could be taken to the hospital.

While on patrol, an officer witnessed two people going through the Goodwill dumpster. He advised them that they are not allowed to take anything out of the donation dumpsters and to leave the area.

October 11th

Well-being – A woman asked for a check on a man of Lee Street due to him not showing up for work, his phone being disconnected, and he had just gone through a bad break up. The officer didn’t receive an answer at the door. He left his card for him to call.

Domestic – An officer responded to a Lee Street location where two women were arguing about a man, then rent. They were both cited for disorderly conduct. One went to a friend’s home.

October 12th

Hit-skip – A man reported that his car was hit while parked at Kroger. An unknown witness gave the officer the license plate of the car. The officer contacted the owner of the other car who said he didn’t think he hit anything while at Kroger but would exchange information with the owner of the other vehicle. The officer will watch the Kroger video to see if they need to exchange information.

Drug Mart Staff reported a person lying in front of the store. The officer contacted the man who stated that he was homeless and, in the area, due to his appointments with Maryhaven. He stated that he would go somewhere else.

A man of Maple Court reported that his son had been bit by the neighbor’s dog.

Staff Report