I like to collect short pieces of news from past years and then publish them as my story which is what I am doing this week.

First, glancing at a Peoples Food Shoppe ad in a 1945 Morrow County Independent, I found club steaks were 45 cents a pound, round steak, 42 cents and head lettuce 18 cents each. Of course, income was less then, but because we read so much of the high cost of food today, I found these prices worth quoting.

Then there was this, from a 1944 Independent: “A farm woman residing east of Cardington, was surprised a few nights ago when she stopped at a street intersection in Cardington to see a chicken fly from the top of the car. Getting out of the car to investigate, she found a second chicken riding on the top of the coupe. Both chickens were captured and placed in the trunk compartment for the return trip home. The chickens had ridden on the top of the car for about three miles. Unobserved, they had gone to roost on top of the car earlier in the evening.”

This was in a June, 1944 Independent: “Two eggs with shells having freak colors were reported by local retailers as having been received during the past week. A hen in a flock of chickens recently purchased by the People’s Food Shoppe laid an egg Monday, the shell of which is a very dark brown. Frank Beatty reported that last week he purchased an egg with a pink shell.

Whether or not the current shortage of oyster shells has anything to do with the odd colors is not known.

Frm a June, 1935 edition: Cardington’s theater has gone out of business in the last week. The group of seven business men, known as the Cardington Business Men’s Association Co. has disposed of the building on West Main Street to F. W. Gandee who will use it for an addition to his bakery which is now located in an adjoining building. The men associated witih the operation of the theater in recent months are D. J. Donovan, Fred Chase, Marvin Wells, Murray Shafer, Lafe Bennett, all of Cardington and Harold Bytd of Mount Gilead.

June, 1935: Two ten year old Cardington boys, charged with taking money from the till of a business establishment, were arraigned before Mayor Frank Aliga last week and after pleading guilty, were sentenced to attend Sunday School for 21 consecutive sessions. It was the second time in recent months the mayor has meted out such sentence to youthful violators of the law.

May, 1992: Edna Welsh of Cardington, found 116 large sponge mushrooms along the Whetstone Creek one day. Pam Kaelber of East Main Street was a top seller of Mary Kay Cosmetics and was awarded free use of a pink Cadillac for a year by the company as a reward for her efforts: The Sea World blimp painted in the caricature of a whale, flew over the area on May 15, enroute from Columbus to Cleveland, Robert “Pat” Nichols would oppose incumbent Donald Weaver for the Democratic nomination for Morrow County Commissioner in the coming primary election.



By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist