May 16

Caller complained of a dog outside barking for a long time on West Marion Street. Officer contacted the owner and he took it inside.

Alarm – Alarm on Northfield drive. Officer contacted the homeowner who advised it was an accident.

Dog bite – a loose dog on Lee Street attacked a man and his dog that he was walking in the area. Man was bitten on the hand and both dogs sustained injuries. The dog warden took the loose dog and contacted the owner who apparently did not secure his door well enough when he left for work.

Assist – Officer assisted E.M.S. with a male on West Marion Road that possibly had a heart attack.

A caller reported hearing someone screaming on Elmcrest Drve. The officer patrolled the area and was advised that it was children playing in the pool.

Warrant- Woman on North Main Street arrested for an active warrant.

Persons came into the police department to report an ex-girlfriend harassing via text.

Warrant – Woman of West Marion Road was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Marion County.

Warrant – Man was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Marion County while in the area of West Marion Road.

May 17

Assist – Medina Police Department asked that we contact a person on Bank Street due to finding their driver license.

Caller locked keys in his vehicle with his dog inside and engine running. Entry was gained with no damage.

May 18

Caller advised of a suspicious male in a black hoodie at Kroger. The officer contacted the male who stated that he was walking around trying to get cell phone reception in order to make a call.

Elementary school principal called to advise that he received several complaints from students of a suspicious person on and around the school campus wearing all black and possibly a mask. The officer patrolled the area and was unable to locate anyone. He advised other officers for additional patrol in the area in both mornings and afternoon.

Staff at the Duke reported a pregnant woman being upset after being refused the sale of cigarettes and throwing items at the clerk. Officer was unable to locate the woman.

Elementary school staff reported a suspicious male dressed in black in the wooded area beside the playground. K9 Nik and the officer foot patrolled the area, but no one was located.

May 19

Accident – Caller reported an accident on Westview Drive. Man was cited for failure to control after his vehicle left the left roadway, struck a sign and then struck a tree.

Threat – Caller advised of a threatening text she received a few weeks ago from her ex-fiancé’s sister.

Alarm – Officer responded to an alarm at Hospice of Morrow County. Building was found secure with no signs of entry.

Caller advised of a dog barking for over an hour on West Marion Street. Office did not hear a dog barking when he arrived and was unable to contact the homeowner.

Caller advised of a dog being hit by a car on East High Street. The car left the scene. The officer transported the dog and the owners to Dr. Prothman’s office.

May 20

A fake prescription for Promethazine Codeine was turned into Discount Drug Mart Pharmacy. Office advised the pharmacy to call if someone arrived to pick it up.

Domestic – A son refused to leave a residence on South Rich Street when asked to do so. There had been no physical contact. The son agreed to leave.

A fake prescription was received by Kroger Pharmacy. They were advised to call when someone came to pick it up.

May 21

Assist – officer responded to a crash near Mt Gilead/Edison limits. Crash happened in the Village of Edison. Officer provided traffic control until a deputy arrived.

Caller reported large rock in the intersection of North Main Street and Union Street. Officer patrolled the area but didn’t see any rocks.

Caller reported many nails around the large bay at the Mt. Gilead Car Wash. The owner was contacted and advised that he would take care of it.

May 22

Caller advised of an individual kicking a car parked at North Main Street. The officer contacted a person sleeping in a vehicle at the location. He didn’t know anything about anyone kicking a vehicle or causing disturbance.

Officer responded to a complaint on North Walnut where two sons had been arguing. No physical contact had been made and they had calmed down.

Family Dollar staff reported of a possible shoplifter. The officer made contact with the person to find that she was not shoplifting.