CARDINGTON — Brian Petrie, superintendent of the Cardington-Lincoln Schools, speaking to members of the board of education Monday evening said there was only one reported COVID case in the district last week, lowest quarantine numbers all year, he said.

“We’re happy now that with new guidelines coming out where we can keep healthy kids here and only if they develop symptoms are they pulled out. Kids are washing their hands more,” he commented.

He suggested going on the web site which he updates each week.

Speaking on the school safety grant he explained it will award up to $100,000 for school safety measures. A study of the local school shows a major project is replacing the camera in the elementary, which was installed in 2004.

In other business:

• The district is looking to purchase an updated mass communication system.

“We don’t consider that we have a lot of safety features at the elementary school,” Petrie said. “The other item, he said is we we want to purchase an updated mass notification system We will submit for that grant by December 20, the deadline.”

He helped co-authored a grant USDA telecommunication grant in June rural education grant telecommunication for telemedicine and remote learning awarded the grant; $900,000, with the district match at 15%.

“On top of that. in any given year we’re spending close to $150,000 on technology. We’ll be able to put in 30 classroom a 75-inch smart board to use. The telemedicine part is we get six telemedicine carts allowing us to connect with the doctor. That will be complementing the nursing program we will have. Hopefully we can apply again.”

• Several parents were present to offer criticism of the current basketball coach. One parent said his son was one on the list to try out, but when he arrived he was told he had already been cut.

Two mothers also spoke. One said her son, a member of the basketball team, was unfairly criticized for participating in other school events and faulted the coach for speaking harshly to the baseball coach for being in the gym at the same time as the basketball team.

No action was taken.

• The board approved the following appointments to the Cardington-Lincoln Public Library: Eleanor Roberts, four years replacing Soledad Baker (to 2025) Dawn Ruehrmund replacing Kathleen Porteus, six years (to 2027) and Nate Mosher, six years, December 28, Term is January 2022 (to 2028) replacing Ed Wahl.

• District Treasurer Jon Mason presented two forecasts to the board, one with the school district income tax continuing as a renewal and one without the income tax which is set to expire at the end of 2023. Mason said he will be submitting the income tax shown as a renewal to the state, but will note the anticipated difference without the income tax. The income tax collection is right at one million dollars for the district, he said.

• Petrie noted the vacant position on the board cannot be filled until after the Jan. 10, 2022 meeting.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel