The KMAC announced its all-league teams for the spring sports season recently.

For track and field, the teams were determined by individual and relay placements in the league meet. The league also recognized the meet winners for middle school track.

In girls’ track, Allison Johnson of Mount Gilead was named the Runner of the Year, while Kahlan Ball of Northmor and Highland’s Juliette Laracuente were named co-Field Athlete of the Year. Highland’s Chip Wendt was selected as Coach of the Year.

For boys’ track, Landyn Albanese of Highland was named the Runner of the Year and MG coach Lauren Huelsman was named Coach of the Year. Ben Riegel of Centerburg was selected as Field Athlete of the Year.

Baseball and softball teams will be printed next week.

High School Girls’ Track and Field

First Team: Olivia Millisor, Michaela McGill, Selia Shipman, Emily Hanft, Mount Gilead, 3200 relay; Allison Johnson, Mount Gilead, 100 hurdles; Juliette Laracuente, Highland, 100; Madilyn Elson, Grace Mowery, Asia Jones, Isabela Schroeter, Mount Gilead, 800 relay; Allison Johnson, Mount Gilead, 1600; Cassidy Wickham, Peyton Carpenter, Makenna Belcher, Brylinn Tuggle, Highland, 400 relay; Allison Johnson, Mount Gilead; 400; Ashley Cockrell, Fredericktown, 300 hurdles; Allison Johnson, Mount Gilead, 800; Chloe Goulter, Centerburg, 200; Michaela McGill, Mount Gilead, 3200; Miachele White, Makenna Belcher, Isabelle Arnett-Tomasek, Mackenzie Blubaugh, Highland, 1600 relay; Juliette Laracuente, Highland, high jump; Sydney Wilson, Fredericktown, pole vault; Juliette Laracuente, Highland, long jump; Kahlan Ball, Northmor, discus; Alexis Eusey, Highland, shot put.

Second Team: Miachele White, Lauren Garber, Camryn Miller, Jade Disbennett, Highland, 3200 relay; Juliette Laracuente, Highland, 100 hurdles; Chloe Goulter, Centerburg, 100; Mackenzie Blubaugh, Audrey Weaver, Jennifer Fisher, Peyton Carpenter, Highland, 800 relay; Emily Hanft, Mount Gilead, 1600; Madilyn Elson, Grace Mowery, Asia Jones, Isabela Schroeter, Mount Gilead, 400 relay; Alexandria Mager, East Knox, 400; Makenna Belcher, Highland, 300 hurdles; Loey Hallabrin, Cardington, 800; Peyton Carpenter, Highland, 200; Emily Hanft, Mount Gilead, 3200; Sydney Wilson, Kennedy Fisher, Emma Scott, Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown, 1600 relay; Isabela Schroeter, Mount Gilead, high jump; Rachael Ervin, Northmor, pole vault; Hazel Jolliff, Cardington, long jump; Summer Weller, Fredericktown, discus; Emily Opfer, East Knox, shot put.

Honorable Mention: Sydney Wilson, Kacie Rook, Macy Thorne, Sadie Sanders, Fredericktown, 3200 relay; Ashley Cockrell, Fredericktown, 100 hurdles; Alenah Boeshart, Danville, 100; Emily Opfer, Madison Annett, Haleigh Landis, Alexandria Magers, 800 relay; Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown, 1600; Anne Maglott, Aspen Maggard, Kennedy Fisher, Emily Feeney, Fredericktown, 400 relay; Avery Tucker, Centerburg, 400; Emily Opfer, East Knox, 300 hurdles; Elsa Hoam, Fredericktown, 800; Madilyn Elson, Mount Gilead, 200; Taylor Severt, East Knox, 3200; Emily Opfer, Haleigh Landis, Kaya Salyers, Alexandria Magers, East Knox, 3200 relay; Emma Fowler, Fredericktown, pole vault; Chloe Goulter, Centerburg, long jump; Grace Mowery, Mount Gilead, discus; Summer Weller, Fredericktown, shot put.

All-Academic: Rebecca Scholl, Centerburg; Rachel Wilson, Danville; Emily Opfer, East Knox; Macy Thorne, Fredericktown; Peyton Carpenter, Highland; Allison Johnson, Mount Gilead; Julia Kanagy, Northmor.

Runner of the Year: Allison Johnson, Mount Gilead.

Field Athlete of the year: Kahlan Ball, Northmor and Juliette Laracuente, Highland.

Coach of the Year: Chip Wendt, Highland.

League Champion: Mount Gilead.

High School Boys’ Track and Field

First Team: Nathan Streby, Samuel Whitney, Dillon Moreland, Scott Bates, East Knox, 3200 relay; Landon Remmert, Highland, 110 hurdles; Landyn Albanese, Highland, 100; Kyan Davis, Quade Harris, Seamus Walsh, Matthew Bland, Mount Gilead, 800 relay; Mason White, Cardington, 1600; Storm McGinniss, Kyan Davis, Owen High, Quade Harris, Mount Gilead, 400 relay; Landyn Albanese, Highland, 400; Landon Remmert, Highland, 300 hurdles; Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead, 800; Landyn Albanese, Highland, 200; Mason White, Cardington, 3200; Gavin Hankins, Mason Duncan, Joel Roberts, Landon Remmert, Highland, 1600 relay; Chase Darr, East Knox, high jump; Steven Tumbleson, Fredericktown, pole vault; Landyn Albanese, Highland, long jump; Ben Riegel, Centerburg, discus; Ben Riegel, Centerburg, shot put.

Second Team: Philip Emberg, Seamus Walsh, Ethan Kemp, Brett Shipman, Mount Gilead, 3200 relay; Garrett Lamb-Hart, Mount Gilead, 110 hurdles; P.J. Lower, Northmor, 100; Billy Woodring, Steven Tumbleson, J.J. Grennell, Jeremiah McKinley, Fredericktown; 800 relay; Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead, 1600; Nathan Butts, Dillon Looney, Aiden Bell, Jackson Lloyd, 400 relay; Matthew Bland, Mount Gilead, 400; John Melchiori, Highland, 300 hurdles; Nathan Streby, East Knox, 800; Quade Harris, Mount Gilead, 200; Brett Shipman, Mount Gilead, 3200; Matthew Bland, Seamus Walsh, Quade Harris, Michael Snopik, Mount Gilead, 1600 relay; Owen High, Mount Gilead, high jump; J.J. Grennell, Fredericktown, pole vault; P.J. Lower, Northmor, long jump; Mason Lanthorn, Centerburg, discus; Ian McKnight, Centerburg, shot put.

Honorable Mention: Kooper Keen, Connor Radojcsics, Lucas Weaver, Jed Adams, Northmor, 3200 relay; Gavin Miller, N, 110 hurdles; Tyler Rose, Cardington, 100; Dane Nauman, John Melchiori, Ashton Hamilton, Gavin Hankins, Highland, 800 relay; Titus Krabill, Fredericktown, 1600; Mason Turske, Ethan Barton, Gavin Wilson, Tyler Johnson, Centerburg, 400 relay; Kooper Keen, Northmor, 400; Garrett Lamb-Hart, Mount Gilead, 300 hurdles; Dillon Moreland, East Knox, 800; Landon Remmert, Highland, 200; Titus Krabill, Fredericktown, 3200; Steven Tumbleson, Thomas Caputo, Caedmon Platt, Jeremiah McKinley, Fredericktown, 1600 relay; Gavin Miller, Northmor, high jump; Garison Hankins, Highland, pole vault; Samuel Whitney, East Knox, long jump; Joshua Rashley, Fredericktown, discus; Jayce Decker, Mount Gilead, honorable mention.

All-Academic: Eric Hamilton, Cardington; Blake Johnson, Centerburg; Isaiah Kohl, East Knox; Jeremiah McKinley, Fredericktown; Garison Hankins, Highland; Tyler Knight, Mount Gilead.

Runner of the Year: Landyn Albanese, Highland.

Field Athlete of the Year: Ben Riegel, Centerburg.

Coach of the Year: Lauren Huelsman, Mount Gilead.

League Champion: Mount Gilead.

Boys’ Middle School Track

Winners: Gavan Davis, Mount Gilead, 110 hurdles; Kort Sears, Highland, 100; Will Baker, Mount Gilead, 1600; Ashton Clark, Gavan Davis, Sammy Wallis, Jonathan Miller, Mount Gilead, 400 relay; Brayden Benedict, Highland, 400; Ethan Amens, Connor Stockdale, Jax Wenger, Bo Landin, Northmor, 800 relay; Toby Rogers, Highland, 200 hurdles; Josh Alexander, Fredericktown, 800, Kort Sears, Highland, 200; Noah Smith, Antonio Rojos, Aiden McManis, Brandon Hogg, Fredericktown, 1600 relay; Jax Wenger, Northmor, high jump; Cade Miracle, Northmor, pole vault; Jax Wenger, Northmor, long jump; Ryan Zollars, Fredericktown, discus; Jon Burns, Fredericktown, shot put.

League Champion: Highland.

Girls’ Middle School Track

Winners: Hailey Cockrell, Fredericktown, 100 hurdles; Ashley Smith, Danville, 100; Payton Tucker, Centerburg, 1600; Ayla Burkett, Pink Payne, Lyliah Leist, Hailey Cockrell, Fredericktown, 400 relay; Ellie Kershner, Fredericktown, 400; Danielle Pohlkotte, Olivia Long, Cassady Irwin, Faith White, 800 relay; Brooklynn White, Mount Gilead, 200 hurdles; Maggie Hallabrin, Cardington, 800; Ellie Kershner, Fredericktown, 200; Macie Fawcett, Sarah Landis, Adrian Clutter, Mackenzie Wilson, East Knox, 1600 relay; Brianne York, Northmor, high jump; Caitlin Roddy, Fredericktown, pole vault; Lyliah Leist, Fredericktown, long jump; Ella Bouton, Fredericktown, discus; Isabela Grennell, East Knox, shot put.

League Champion: Fredericktown.

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