MOUNT GILEAD — Morrow County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD) is proposing a 1.5-mill, 10-year levy on the March 2020 ballot. If approved, it would cost taxpayers with an appraised home value of $100,000, $4.38 per month.

“We are grateful to have received the approval of the commissioners to place a levy on the March 2020 ballot to restore 1.5 mills for the next 10 years to meet the lifelong needs of county residents with developmental disabilities,” said Nancy Foglesong, Morrow County Board of DD Superintendent.

The levy would help support the Morrow County Board of DD’s ability to meet the diverse needs of the adult population with disabilities as well as sustain Early Intervention services as both of these populations continue to grow. Levy funds will also help with increasing the support needed for school-age children and providing transition services for individuals ages 14-22.

“Should the levy pass, your taxpayer dollars will directly support individuals in need. Morrow County Board of DD assists families and guardians with personalized services to help each individual interact with their community in a meaningful way. The board prides itself on developing strong relationships with private providers, local partner agencies and the individuals served along with their families and guardians, to ensure the guidance needed throughout an individual’s life,” a news release states.

Should the proposed levy fail, locally funded services and supports provided by the Morrow County Board of DD will be reduced or eliminated throughout the county leaving families and individuals without the help needed to take care of loved ones with disabilities.

“We experienced the loss of most of our voted millage nearly 20 years ago, and we continue to be challenged in meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families with the limited local funding received from our existing millage,” said Foglesong.

“We have worked to ensure that both transparency and accountability are integrated into everything we do and have reached the point where we must reach out to our community and ask for the help necessary to meet the growing needs of Morrow County residents.”×813.jpg

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Morrow County Board of Developmental Disabilities supports individuals with developmental disabilities throughout their lives by embracing individuality and personal choice, developing community opportunities and fostering relationships. To learn more visit