I imagine there are very few readers who remember The Prophet Building in Cardington. I don’t — but people will remember the buildings that followed it on the same site. I’m referring to 100 S Marion St. The original building stood flush with West Main Street then was moved south about.

1924 following a fire. Ivan Schenck opened a business in the corner room of the building, which he called “old” even then, February 1, 1912. He moved from it in 1918. Peadon’s Bakery had the business in the second room of the building and J. C. Fowble had a barber shop until the 1960s when Richeson Insurance Agency functioned from it. The building had also been the site of a beauty shop, law office, barber shop, sign shop and restaurant.

Henry Prophet’s business operated about 1900 and later, J. F. Brollier, once the mayor of Cardington, had a photography studio.

A fire, about 1920, destroyed the millinery shop which faced Marion Street and that was when the building was moved south from the corner and Cardington Community Gas Co built a service station on the corner. The corner was later occupied by the Shell Oil Co and the Standard Oil Co who used the two front rooms of the building.

When the building was razed June 26, 1969 to make way for the construction of Attorney Tom Ray’s office, a concrete block wall which attached the frame building to the brick wall at the south, closed a small area which at one time had been a walkway. Today, the building houses the Maceyko Tax Business, but the history preceding the business, is something to recall.

Somewhat related to this story is this little book I was given that contains in hand writing the names of every business, its location and the name of every resident and their street residence in Cardington in the year of 1934.

On the site listed above in this story stood the Shell Station, George Sherman, Sprang Barber, Kreis-Ladd Shoes, and on down the street was Bachelder’s Restaurant, Chase Grocery Store, Citizens Bank and Frew Jewelry.

I want to make one more reference to graduation. My mother graduated from Cardington High School 90 years ago, May, 1929 and the photo of her and her classmates was printed on the front of the Morrow County Independent as a group.

Perhaps some of these graduates will be recognized by readers; Kensel Russell, Florence Smith, Helen Campbell, Mildred Beatty, Ruth Inscho, Esther Davis, Helen Waterer, Adah Click, Idella Ault, Frances Linstedt, Grace Lee, Rarick Long, Kenneth Heacock, Earl Farrington, Wayne Westbrook, Margaret Ault, Blanche Martin, Doris Meredith, Hollis DeMuth, Paul Sanderson, Hubert Salisbury, Mary Primmer, Lenore Ullom, Hilda Callihan, George Bennett, Ward Conaway, Dale Mattix, Howard Kramer, Zenas McClenathan and Donald Mosher.

80 years ago, June, 1939: George Ruehrmund was named Scoutmaster of Cardington Boy Scout Troop No. 30. Richard Burklew, Virgil Harris, W. A. McAlister and John Millisor were named assistant scoutmasters.

70 years ago, June 1949: Earl R. Sage, of south of Cardington graduated cum laude in a class of 2,457 at Ohio State University.

50 years ago, June, 1969: Steven, Melvin and Donald Maceyko bought Allegree’s Party Store. Mrs. Alfred Miller of rural Cardington, found a nine-leaf clover in her yard.

Mrs. Alfred Miller of rural Cardington, found a nine-leaf clover in her yard.


By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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