Mount Gilead Middle School reports that its PRIDE program earned the Bronze award for distinguished PBIS work during the 2017-2018 school year.

PBIS, which stands for Positive Behaviors and Intervention Supports, is required throughout the state of Ohio. The goal of the program is to create systems that inspire positive student choices and provide support when positive choices are not made.

Mount Gilead Middle School Principal Jon Grega said that both students and staff had to answer questions successfully from a State Support Team to be eligible for the award.

He said an evaluating representative from State Support Team Seven commented that she “has never had a school perform so well with answering questions.”

In addition, the school’s PBIS committee maintained data and proof of the program in a binder that was submitted for review by State Support Team members.

Grega said that students, parents and school staff are proud to have the Bronze award, considering that only 27% of schools in Ohio receive an award for their PBIS program.

Grega thanked Kristen Hack, Dawn Malcom, Laci Romshack and Faye Ruhl for their efforts and dedication to the program.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel