To prepare citizens in the event of an active shooter situation, the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office is offering free CRASE training programs for public groups such as schools, businesses, churches and hospitals.

In the past two decades, horrific mass shootings have been thrust in the public consciousness. The public rightly expects an effective and swift response to these threats and the sequence of events that follow them. Research has shown, however, that many of the active shooter events are over before law enforcement responders arrive on the scene. Civilians who find themselves in an active shooter event must be prepared to take immediate action to save their own lives before law enforcement arrives.

The average response time for police to respond to an active shooter event is three minutes.

Yet, without preplanned response options for civilians at the scene of an attack, many victims will be seriously injured or killed during these three minutes.

The CRASE training program, built on the AVOID, DENY, DEFEND strategy, teaches civilians the proper response options to survive an active shooter event.

For more information, or to schedule free CRASE training for your group, please contact:

Sheriff John Hinton; (419) 947-4845; or [email protected]