Highland’s FFA President Alex Mason and Vice President Hannah Williams, as well as Highland’s FFA Advisor Joe Smith traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the annual Washington Leadership Conference from July 26 – 31. During their trip they learned how important it is to take initiative, not only in their chapter but also in their everyday lives; to make a difference in both their own and other people’s lives, and also how to gain the skills needed to make an impact on the world and of course our “lovely FFA Chapter”.

Throughout the trip they focused on the super meaningful sentence that every FFA member lives by, “Living to Serve”. If they truly and completely commit to their leadership roles then they can and will end up putting a lasting effect on themselves and other fellow FFA-ers.

They had many memorable moments that were both in and out of their comfort zones throughout the entire trip.

“From not knowing anyone besides the member that came with me, to the end of the week I felt like I knew so many of these people for years”, Mason said. “I believe it’s the best learning opportunity to learn to be an amazing leader and an amazing person”.

“My most memorable and inspirational experience of my life because of the hard work from everyone in charge,” Williams said. “The messages that WLC portrays throughout the sessions is an amazing thing that puts a lasting effect on us as students.”