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On Wednesday, Mount Gilead overcame Highland to win 169-184 at Irish Hills. Zack Hosack won medalist honors with a score of 37 on the day. Both Jason Bolha and Grant Hack shot 42 and Mitchell Bell tallied 48 shots.

Highland was led by Sam LoPiccolo, who shot 41.

Cardington Pirates

On Wednesday, Cardington was edged by River Valley 179-181. Logan Doubikin led the Pirates by shooting 44, while both Austin Yake and Nadia Kerman shot 45 in the road contest. Cayman Spires shot 47, Jacob Spires finished with a round of 49 and Mac Warren shot 53.

The Pirate JVs won 208-216. Danny Vaught shot 49 to lead the team, while Sage Brannon (50), Josh Shook (53), Liam Warren (56) and Christian Hand (58) also competed.

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