Democratic Candidate for the 12th Congressional District, Ed Albertson made a recent stop in Morrow County for the April meeting of the Morrow County Democratic Women’s Club at the Edison Depot.

Albertson is seeking to unseat incumbent Pat Tiberi in the November generaleElection.

“I am an AmeriCAN,” began Albertson. “Over the last 8 years all we have heard is that we can’t do a lot of things. We can’t let kids go to college without exorbitant debt, we can’t take care of and feed people, we can’t send our astronauts into space on our own, we rent space on Russian capsules. All we hear is what we CAN’T get done in America.

We are being represented by AmeriCAN’Ts. We the People have been returning our same Congressional Representatives to Congress each term at the rate of 95 percent and each time we expect to get a different outcome. It is time that we are represented by an AmeriCAN!”

AmeriCANs will work together and find a way to have a SECURE America, a WORKING America and a FAIR America, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Albertson, a lifelong Democrat, is a veteran of the Army and resides with his wife of 44 years, Beth, in Licking County. They have two children, Chris who is a high school teacher in Dublin and Josh who works at McDonald’s.

During a question and answer period, attendees learned that his wife Beth is battling stomach cancer and his son Josh is developmentally disabled.

“Health care is very important to me, one thing the government has done right is Medicare, we have had the best care at the best hospital in the country, The James.”

When asked about equal pay for women he responded, “Here is what I learned in the Army, nobody cares if you are a man, woman, black, white, if there is a job to be done and you are an E6 you get paid as an E6. Isn’t it interesting that something so structured as the military gets it? I think in the civilian world it is long overdue.”

Responding to the question, “What will your first priority be when you get top Congress, he replied, “Climate destabilization … if we don’t do something about our climate nothing else will matter.”

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Courtesy photo Ed Albertson pays a visit to Morrow County, chatting with the MC Democratic Women’s Club. photo Ed Albertson pays a visit to Morrow County, chatting with the MC Democratic Women’s Club.

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