Real Estate

Jan. 14

Sharon Jubelt to Brad Romshak; 3.982 acres at 100 C.R. 212, Marengo, Bennington Twp. for $209,900.

Jan. 20

Barbara Kuskowski to Candlewood Lake Assn.; Unit 7, Lot 218, Candlewood Lake, Congress Twp. for $5,000.

Jan. 21

Von J. Van Houten to Jeffrey A. Owens; C09-002-00-008-00; C09-002-00-009-00; Cardington Twp. for $45,000.

Aden Schrock to Uri Mallett; 32.399 acres on C.R. 97 and T.R. 80, Perry Twp. for exempt.

William Irwin to Adam Laken; Lot 867, Gilead Twp. for $115,000.

Four Acres to Steven Donelson; 32.17 acres on S.R. 61, Lincoln Twp. for $250,000.

Jan. 25

Ernest Askeen Jr. to Alan Staley; 5.030 acres on C.R. 170, Harmony Twp. for $95,000.

Jan. 26

Thomas Stair to Chad Millisor; 5.005 acres at C.R. 98 and T.R. 96, Congress Twp. for $150,000.

Arthur Hill to Sheryl Burth; 2.981 acres at 3390 T.R. 155, Cardington, Lincoln Twp. for $255,000.

Christopher Blunk to Robert J. West Jr.; Unit 7, Lot 118, Congress Twp. for $72,500.

Jan. 27

June Anderson to Craig Levering; Parcel # G20-008-CO-005-00, Village of Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $75,500.

John A. Oneill to Janette Clayton; 7695 C.R. 121, Fredericktown, Franklin Twp. for $83,100.

Jan. 29

Sharon R. Ault Jr. to Terrance Dye; 5.897 acres on C.R. 9, Gilead Twp. for $14,800.

Sharon R. Ault Jr. to Justin A. Rogers; 1.663 acres at T.R. 67 and C.R. 28, Canaan Twp. for $54,800.

Brad Romshak to Thomas Bossetti; 5.10 acres on T.R. 191, Harmony Twp. for $105,000.

Elmer Mollett to Marcia Buening; 143 Morgan St, Village of Cardington, Cardington Twp. for $98,000.

Feb. 1

Ernest Heimlich to Clara McClenathan; 06.45 acres on T.R. 147, Westfield Twp. for $30,000.

Vincent Valentino to Hidden Lakes Community Assn.; Lot 653, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp. for $1,100.

Jeffrey Eaton to Nastasia Mahaffey; Village of Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $80,000.

Michelle Elswick to Mark Sheldon;.33 acres at Pt. lot 590, Village of Cardington, Cardington Twp. for $3,000.

Roderick Wright to Tara Garrett; Unit 5, Lot 43, Candlewood Lake, Congress Twp. for $90,000.

Feb. 2

Rudolph Bachmann to Brain Holzcehuher; 5.230 acres at T.R. 50 and C.R. 57, Troy Twp. for $141,500.

Small Claims

Walter H. Kimball Jr., Marengo vs Will Elliott Jr, Marengo $1200 money only.

Bryan S. Draughon II, Dublin, OH vs Brian M. Smith, Mt. Gilead, $2500 money only.

Clifford R. James, Fredericktown vs Ariel D. Dax, South Kortright NY., $2500 money only.

Staff report