Dear Editor,

Another wonderful senior day at the Morrow County Fair! Lots of free water and food provided by the Senior Center and their contributors. All was delicious and appreciated. My son, John, from Columbus had the winning raffle ticket- a new wheelchair – the Lord provides! I was using a walker, which doesn’t do well in gravel. (It was) provided by Drug Mart – thank you! Entertainment by the Country Travelers and Michael Rose (last year he was Elvis’ lost brother). He outdid himself this year. His voice just gets better each year. I am waiting for his gospel album, which I understand is in the works.

Morrow County – be proud of your fair and the Seniors Center – these folks work hard! We came home hot and tired – armed with pork sandwiches, cotton candy, candied apples, souvenirs, and lots of memories of the fine folks we met!

Eight hours at the fair for a 79-yr-old is tiring but I was happy – blessed with my new wheelchair and that I made it another year. Hoping for next year.

Bless my son – he would not miss this fair.


Jane Reed, Harmony Twp.